Vitality build is too OP

Vitality build is way too OP. So if you put all of your points in vitality and the rest in strength is the pvp meta. Eating a piece of food or aloe and your health bar instantly fills up. Combine this with the silent legion armor and you win unless someone else is also using the same meta. There is no use of playing any other spec in pvp because you will lose. Please nerf this so the other attribute become useful.


Please nerf that in the PVP only…

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You can use the mitra pike against silent legion armor, 50 in vitality is not that difficult to kill.

Listen…I’m not judging you but what other play styles are there? PvE? Don’t make me laugh…as conan said you civilized men are soft…

The PvE in this game is so easy…mineraft is more challenging than this…


Wait wait wait…

There is PVP (I’d say f-ing PVP) Cuz most of our problems comes from that fact: The game has PVP in it… :smiley:
And there is PVE.
That’s not a big news I guess…
But let me think about which ones is what about…

PVP = killers, rapers, raiders, griefers… Yep fun if you wanna kill some other players and wanna have a better times combating “something” which has a brain a.k.a. another player.
But it is not good for building. I know you must be creative to make something extra strong, like layering foundation walls and a such… But mostly those buildings are “just” “cubes” otherwise a player come and have a too easy time wrecking it.

And there is the “creative mode” a.k.a. PVE where normaly you play cooperatively or solo to build “nice things” “civilized things” yes. And admit it the nice and open designs like a small vilage or a big town with life in it (thralls on workstations on a porch of a house) open temples etc… ARE NOT POSSIBLE on PVP.

Most of the PVE players are not playing the game for fight. Surprise surprise… :smiley:
No. Most of us wanna create gorgeous things and we’d love to see them stay.
If we wanna fight we go and have a conan break with mechwarrior online, or Cs:Go…etc.

And see what developers do? They sacrificing the best things in the game just because “noob” pvp players are complaining about them. (like archery for instance. Got nerfed BECAUSE of PVP)

BTW Mitra Pike: there was news about that will get nerfed too. :smiley:

Also there is single player which is the best for experiment with things like 0.1 player damage. :smiley: just kidding… but that admin menu is neat. :smiley:


I agree that raiding is entirely unbalanced right now but that doesn’t mean PVP has to be. And just to let you know, if you put stations with thralls on them out in the open on PvE servers it’s likely people will steal them. Just like on PVP. Except the difference in a PvE server is that you can’t do anything about it.

There is no creative “safe” mode unless you play on a private server or protect your stuff. And honestly minecraft is a better sandbox if all you want to do is build. One of the primary selling points of this game is the combat (or at least it’s supposed to be).

There’s no reason to “nerf in PvP only” because all the enemies in PvE are easy and require no strategy, build, or specific weapon type to kill. None of the PVP changes make the PvE content more difficult, so I don’t see why you are asking for separate changes.

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yup. I just made a topic with possible solution for those too.

I do not like nerfs at all :smiley: Balance things is Okay, but look what they did with the bows “and called it a day in the name of yeah that’s now balanced…” :smiley: :smiley:
I do not wanna pushing buttons and dodging for hours to kill something just because in PVP this is too OP that is too OP :smiley:

they should handle these things as two different animals.

Minecraft is ugly as ■■■■. I played it and when ARK came around I quickly jumped on that. but to be honest I like conans build style way better. It is awesome what you can build with it and blocks looking waaay nicer in my opinion. Also this game has an overall theme, which ark hasn’t ever since the tec stuff…

So why should “i” be limited to play a 10 years old game just because “I” like building things? :smiley:
notice “i” as in quotation marks because I am sure most of the PVE players are in the same shoes.

If the selling pint would be the combat they should have created only PVP option. (just like real pvp games like CS:go, or MWO…etc.) I think the main selling point of this game is the visuals and the theme… not to mention the conan universe.

In my opinion there should be no nerfs at all. But if it is a combat nerf make it only for PVP.


Well for solo/co-op i don’t see the issue, also for pve. In pvp a 40 agility with a heavy armor can wreck a vitality 40, think about that, dodging in heavy armor vs ton of hp.


Actually there are quite a few players who used to play pvp and then wanted to explore the map with all it’s special recipes, emotes, neat areas and such.
So PvE isnt only about building.
It does involve taking on bosses in the way it was meant to as well!
-> Meaning not sitting on some high rock and exploiting bad AI with archer, but to go in there and kill stuff in the regular old way.

(i.e. big croc boss is a lot faster on testlive compared to the last time I killed it. Plus that massive HP-boost, which then encourages exploiting again. :confused:)

Also worth to state:
PvE might be that mode for less skilled players. And surprise! At least some players do struggle with dungeons or bosses.

About the topic:
I think in last devstream or the one before that it was stated that at least this 40th vitality perk is too strong - implying they will tune it down.

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Idk i never felt games that had both pve and pvp aspects work together well or will ever work together. One needs player progression, while the other can’t have progression or too much otherwise it becomes impossible to balance correctly. They honestly need to give up on either pve or pvp in order for the game to be enjoyable.

Splitting half and half is creating a unfun experience. You got bosses with like 20k hp while you do like 100 damage a swing with the best of the best gear you can have ultimately pointless as it’s still going to take you an absurd amount of time to kill a boss. But buff it too much and you have to worry about player armor their health how much the stat gives etc otherwise players will just one shot other players and that isn’t enjoyable for anyone.

This is why a game like morrowind is consider one of the greatest rpg’s of all time. You go from a peasant missing every single attack on a non moving target to someone jumping literal mounts with a death aura that is going around slaying living gods. Now that is a journey and a good story, being able to look back and go i remember when i struggled against x but now i can beat him in a second. That is a good pve experience rewarding players.

These so called legendary weapons are a pale insignificant of what they should be. You don’t feel legendary you don’t get a new flashy move set or insane special effects. And your damage is still laughable and pointless as far as an rpg goes. And say what you will but conan is an rpg. But by catering to pve they have killed the rpg aspect significantly.

And you may go, just nerf bosses hp. But then you also don’t feel accomplished because stone weapons iron etc will do tons as well and be just as effective because you gotta make it so a low level has at least a fighting chance to survive. Which is needed for pvp, otherwise you get ark where an alpha tribe exist and will never be toppled in less they all quit for months. So no that’s not an effective solution.

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I do like PVE but i’d even like it more if mobs were harder to kill and i for one liked the nerf to the bow. but i do understand where you are coming from and i think you have a point .it might be hard or costly for this game to implement pvp only options , but the way it’s designed is that it’s easy for each server to be customized in any way . so i would suggest a nerf to vitality while adding a player health regeneration slider which would allow for a slower or faster regeneration rates , that way any server could balance the game to their liking and like minded people could play with the balance they want as long as someone is willing to make a server with those options .

Also it would be nice to have an advanced tab for server options as to not overwhelm new players with
server customization, as i can see potential for ALOT of sliders in game in the long run


I agree about pve and pvp aspects not working together, but in this game pve is pretty much non-existant in terms of AI and bosses. You can easily exploit all the enemies in the game and they have predictable attack patterns that are very easy to counter legitimately once you see them a few times. This is not like other games where changing one class’s ability can severely impact a raid. PvE is a joke in terms of difficulty.

I could argue that the PvE changes are negatively effecting PvP. The PvE change to enemy boss hp, for example, actually affects pvp because those chests were my go-to weapons after losing a fight and spawning in the desert. Now that’s no longer an option for me.

It’s not intended for bows to be a primary weapon. And that’s not specifically a “pvp” thing, it’s an overall game design thing. Bows are supposed to be sidearms, despite the confusing nature of having an accuracy stat. Jens said it himself in a dev stream. The major nerf from the PVP side of things was them changing the old accuracy perks from “every shot cripples” and “25% more damage” to what we have now for the first few perks. The raw damage bows did wasn’t the major complaint, it was the cripple + poison stacking & the ability to use the target-lock as you shoot. I know because I played against that nightmare bow meta back in February and personally complained about it.

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Here’s how the online raid works in this game! So I destroyed them when they were sleeping.


Before you guys read it: Sorry for the length!

Hm. I never heard of imbalance in a way of one playstyle being most OP in Aion. Only a few weaker ones, but even they were still viable.

I dont think they need to give up on eighter pve or pvp.
40th vitality perk is way too strong. Combine that being nerfed from 100 to 50% with any healing being cancled on any damage taken and that vitality build wont be as strong anymore.

The things which are then needed are to better balance out light, medium and heavy armor more than currently (which is only dodge and weight - while latter wont hurt melees) - maybe by different stamina costs on them.
Because stamina and HP are probably the two most precious resources we got.

As heavier armor helps with HP-losses, light armor should help with stamina-losses.
This way stamina and HP would balance each other out, with the least stamina costs on attacks for light armor and heaviest cost on heavy armor.
That being said, the difference of light and heavy armor should be 100% while me pointing at 50-66% instead.
Light=100%, medium=133% and heavy=166%. Or something along these lines. (Which then is affected by overencumbrance on top, which needs that 10th perk to become stronger.)

Then just give chained attacks a damage boost, with most damage at 4th attack at heavy chain.
(Also please alter 50th accuracy perk to some heavy damage multiplier, as heavy bow attacks will only hit once. And allow that one to affect melee as well, which then allows people to do a berserk-build, being focused on accuracy+strenght instead of strenght+else/general builds. 1.5-2)

Conan Exiles is no rpg. It got a few elements, but thats it.
To me, rpgs have to do with a detailed character progression (like you said with flimsy peasent to very mighty) which would include very detailed talent trees, which then allow a huge ton of different playstyles.
But here in CE, we got a few perks of which some are basically a must have.

Like most of 10th perks being good/useful, which applies on many 20th perks as well, then IMO it becomes more like strenght and vitality having the best perks.

Also as I always tie rpg being the core of pve, I disagree with you on pve killing that rpg aspect.
I think it’s the other way around. With more pve to do, we get a huge more detailed diversity to choose from - which then leads to a more detailed progression.

I think it is like this:
They wanted to do an open world survival game, while allowing players to have the utmost freedom.

To me it was clear it wont be anyway near a perfect system with only those perks. (sorry)
Perks are a good beginning.
I guess it’s about to go back to basics and researching. Why does i.e. Skyrim offer these many different playstyles - even without magic?
What would players love the best.
First poll “what changes to character progression would you like to see” → gathering all different answers, then doing a second poll which covers all answers, making it a multiple answer poll. But include ideas from other rpgs by default as well.

But to be fair: They probably spent most of their time and resources on combat - so character progression didnt get much love.

Yes. For those key-keepers the devs went with the easiest route to buff them.

  • I would have preferred 5x of old HP, 2x damage, +50-100% speed on each of them and 25% dropchance.

I think that might suffice to make them soloable for very good players, while still being killable for a bunch of “bad” players (which basically means they are some average just-for-fun-no-seriousness players)…

But I really dont understand those 20? keykeepers as “world bosses”.
The current real worldbosses are the light grey elephant and the undead dragon. Maybe the dragons as well. I probably forgot some else creature…

This is the first well thought idea I’ve read about how to nerf healing without giving new or bad players too much of an disadvantage.
This could even be included in those Fast, Normal and Mayhem servers. (i.e. fast ones allowing current regeneration, normals allowing 66% of current regeneration and mayhem allowing 33% of current regeneration.)

This is something I can understand.
However I think the damage numbers of bows+ammo havent been changed back then.
Also even an airhead (aka me) could see each arrow coming with cripple will turn out to be OP. (If combined with 20th strenght perk.)
They could have left 25% as it was though. Also that heavy damage multiplier has been lowered with combat patches. Before a heavy attack dealt a huge ton of damage - but currently, a heavy shot deals +50% damage, while consuming double of time and stamina and all perks already having been applied…
And while lots of heavy melee attacks hit multiple times, a heavy shot will only hit once.

I think the mainissue with bows probably was the light attack chain. It deals more damage to just spam light chain (rather first two of it) compared to doing heavy shots.
If they not only bring back the former heavy shots, but also nerf light shots by 25% while buffing heavy ones by maybe 50%, it should be allright.

Looking at new asagarth thralls:
Causing light shots not to deal 40%, but 30% damage.
Causing heavy shots not to deal 60%, but 90% damage.
→ Hammer heavy dealt ~90% with same stats. (40 str, 50 accu) Was only starmetal hammer though, a good hammer would have dealt more.

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