I give up - good luck with the PVP game

I had hoped that PVE might not always be treated like a 3rd class citizen. I feel the game has a ton of potential even without the Conan license. It was sort of like a more mature DQ Builders, but that was ruined for me by the constant nerfs to appease the PVP whiners.

I tried offering helpful solutions, and other things, but it didn’t matter in the end. Two weeks ago, I decided that I would log in and reset my base timers then not login again until they game some indication that PVE players mattered. Less than a week in they announced another set of balances to benefit PVP. To their credit, at least this round didn’t crap all over PVE.

Two weeks passed. All my stuff should decay with the next daily server reset. I realized that trying to advocate for change was pointless. I give up, and I will be uninstalling the game. I am sure no one will care since I am just a PVE player anyway, but I felt the need to get it off of my chest.

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I don’t think people caring has anything to do with you being g PvP or PvE. It’s more that this post is like one of those “I’m leaving Facebook” posts and people just have no reason to care in the first place.

But aside from that, saying you won’t login until they make your changes, giving them a whole two weeks and saying ‘f you, I’m out’? What were you expecting?

I wasn’t expecting them to give into my demands. I was hoping they would give any sort of indication that PVE wasn’t just the red-headed step child of game modes.

I don’t know, I just feel like that is every game. I don’t know of any/many games that have PvE and PvP where the balance isn’t constantly pushed to PvP.

They tend to be the most vocal, since they are the players who generally stand to lose the most by balance changes, and god forbid that some minor tweak to 3 damage ticks on the 3rd swing of a specific spear on the 2nd night of the full moon should throw off their PvP meta and inhibit their ability to show what pros they are :roll_eyes:

I’m not saying I disagree that they should occasionally spread the love, I’m just saying I don’t know if it was ever a reasonable expectation. Its the general nature of the beast, in my experience.

Most games don’t completely crap on PVE for the sake of PVP.

The delay fix I suggested for the LBS would have balanced it for PVP, and it would have only been a minor inconvenience for PVE. Something similar to that is how most games would have handled balancing it.

Instead Funcom just crapped all over the spear to make PVPers happy. When PVEers expressed their own misgivings about the change, Funcom just went radio silent instead.

I’ve probably split my time evenly between PVP and PVE and yes there were some changes that were for PVP that annoyingly affected PVE, but I took it all in stride as I understand that the Devs cannot create two separate games and they try to achieve balance between the two. If only we lived in a perfect world…


It could be that you have just played too much Conan Exiles and it is time to move on.

I was a hard core (like in PvE only) PvE player with ARK. I played the game a few years and a few thousand hours. I too started feeling like every change was just to please the PvP players and would screw the PvE players. It was one of many reasons I finally played other games.

I just started playing Conan a few months ago. To me it feels like the game is very well suited to PvE. I now have my own server and I tune all the settings for PvE and it feels like there are many settings that can be toggled to remove PvP only features like corpse looting and dropping loot on death. There are also lots of mods that cater to PvE players and I have 10 of those installed. I’m liking the game much more than ARK so far.



I have seen your other posts, and have read your other gripes. If you are upset because you have not gotten any direct feedback from Funcom this week, know that the reason for that is because they are all out on vacation.

People have offered you solutions. People have offered you explanations. People have offered you workarounds. Every single one of which you take umbrage with. If Conan Exiles PvE is not adequately scratching your itch, then I would agree with you - it may be time for you to uninstall and go find something else that does scratch your itch.

Whatever your decision, good luck to you.


I have to agree with @Cauthey. The game will never be good enough for Aria. No matter what is offered.

Good luck finding a game which satisfies your needs and keeps you playing. Wish you well @Aria_of_Sorrow.


Well either in pvp or pve, why not give ur stuff to another player, benefitting the server, saving some time to some player/clan that helps or is active, making ur intended depart a random act f kindness? I find it better way of leaving the game than just decay everything…

The last straw for me was the bearer nerf and removing the ability to capture a bunch of thralls.

I was fine with them nerfing bearers a bit. Even I thought they should do less melee damage than a fighter of a similar tier. I am not fine with the place where they ended up.

As I already pointed out, you can make changes in a way that balance for one without crippling the other. It just takes a few extra seconds of thought.

No, they haven’t. What they have said is meaningless. Suggesting that people shouldn’t complain about not being able to hold a torch and a drag a thrall at the same time because an RNG drop exist in the game is just ridiculous.

This is just you trying to satisfy your own ego. Rather than admit the game is anyway flawed, you would rather dismiss off hand any opinion that looks on it less than it less than favorably.

I advocated for allowing players to be able to loot decayed structures in PVE.


i do not even care if people can or cannot loot in pve…
i advice as i would do…
Giving my stuff to help others is what my game will end… i prefer to even give them to a guy that might of leave the game a couple of days after i go than just leave em to be decayed…
i would choose the most cheerfull, the most helpfull or the ones i know missing some things (lets say an armourer) and make all my effort a giveaway of help… this is how a great player departs in my humble opinion…
Most of things that affected pve in favour of pvp annoys me also (topped by Vathis removal without compensation) , but i chose to stay for the community… and yeah in my server there r great guys that i love spending my time with! i would go fight the undead dragon with stone swords just for the fun of it (even though i refused once to naked fistfight him :PPPPP) , cause the game for me is not what is nerfed or not (i have alternatives and i can live with ALL changes in a survival game)… what worths is the community u play with… and each game is attractive as it community is… and in this one, the community so far (at least the majority of them) is GREAT.
Same goes for Devs. u see a company that does not hear, but i see a bunch of people doing their best, activelly answering implementing elements in game as great thanx for the ones of the communitty that helped em , listening to feedback… so, the game may not be perfect as we all have it in our heads, but the constant effort i see is really a great and refreshing change in the industry (especially for a game that comes from a company that was not that known before it)…

So for me… instead of waiting to implement the decay in order for other players to get my stuff, i would activelly call in chat each player i see, giving a bit of my time as a thank you for the time we spent together ingame nomatter if he talsk in chat or if he participated in my pesonall gaming or just played solo and silent in an official server…

That is what i would do if i was determined to do… and that is what my poor mind set as advice for a player that has some things ingame (does not really matters what)…

well have fun whatever u decide!

I see reality. I see that this isn’t as rare as the people on these forums seem to believe (or pretend to believe), and I know that it doesn’t give them a free pass (they can do whatever they want with their game, but it doesn’t give them a free pass out of criticism).

You missed the point. I’m tired of having to put in the extra work to counteract the pointless changes made to the game. I advocated for letting PVE players loot decayed structures, as did other PVE players. If Funcom had listened and put it back in, everything I had would have been up for grabs by other players when I let it decay.

i guess u miss the point… it is not about looting or anything…
But how one chooses his departure…
Obviously u made ur decision.! have fun m8

I just told you I am tired of having to do more work to make up for their nerfs. As I understand it, you were previously able to loot decayed PVE bases.

So why would I put in extra work to give away something people would already have access to before it was nerfed out, especially after I asked Funcom to return the ability to loot decayed structures in PVE?

Amen my friend. The push for PvP balance did genuinely hurt the PvE and even PvE-C side of this game. Balancing PvP in a game like this is futile. It’s not a weapon or a thrall change, or even a complete fighting system overhaul issue. Pure cheating and exploiting aside, boils down simply to three factors: how much time you can spend online, how many friends you have, and how much time your friends can spend online.


Exactly. It hurts the PVE side in favor of the PVP side. If you are playing on a PVP server, you can kind of let it go because you also get the benefits of the change too. PVE players get nothing but the bad from it.

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@Aria_of_Sorrow I care have enjoyed many of your posts. Will miss hearing from you. Not a PVP player my self.


Thanks, and good luck. I really do hope you keep having fun with the game and whatever else you play. I’ll probably keep posting here through this weekend.