Please nerf Legion Armor and VAULT

Dear Funcom,
congrat to the great Release. I Play the game since the first Day of early Acces and i must say… great Job !!! Ok now…

In my oppinion two things in PVP are very negativ :

  1. The Legion Armor : the Armor is too strong in PVP ! One on One an a little fighting skill and noone can win…

  2. The VAULTS :

On our Server ( 1110 Official) stand all around the map 100+ Vaults !!! Reason ? They are in practice undestroyable !!! With Weapons ? Hours later … with Explosives… omg the mats … with trebu ? no damage … with orbs ? thousands of Orbs, realy ?
Please… set the HP from the Vaults down from 600k to 200k (for example) or let us make the old damage with Orbs on it… or let us make damage with trebu. PLEASE MAKE THE VAULTS DESTROYABLE !!! The Vaults broken the Raidfeeling ! The Clans make his stuff and mats in Vaults… and you have in practice nothing to loot !

Sorry for my bad englisch… i think you unterstand what i mean


Vault HP is retarded. True!


I made a post earlier about vaults being Op so I totally agree with you. Overall, the raiding experience is very bad.

They need to cap it to 1vault per player (3players per vault in clan) and increase its cost by 15x, its stupid to have clans spam vaults over map. With cap and huge cost players will have to strategically place them and not just spam them. Vault should be something you feel good about when you actually get one, not just another structure you spam around.


There is a way to best the silent legion armor my friend. Gas orbs. Axe. Str 40. And wearing sandstorm mask. Makes things easy

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Is there a way to disable the ability to make Vaults for those of us who have our own servers?
Anyone know if there is & how to do it ?

If you’re the owner/operator/admin of your own server. You set the rules.
Don’t build vaults or I’ll god mode stomp you.

I am asking more in line with an actual setting rather than taking on the role of constant server police.

But if you want a “healthy” server, just make certain they clearly understand the rules you establish.
It doesn’t have to be complicated. They just have to know you’re not the one to be messed with.
So, that’s not being the “server police” really. You’re the Overlord.

The only other possible way I can think of (and I dread to think of this) is a mod.

I agree completely.

Silent leg is out of place, vaults are too strong too cheap and resistant to everything

Agreed completely. I was going to start my own thread on exactly this.

Fun I’m, why did you take the hearts out of the silent legion receipts? Too that off with why did you take the traps out of the Black Keep? I can run in and learn those things in less one minute. For how OP the Legion armor is, make it more expensive to make.

Yes the vaults. Jesus, why oh why did you do that? With a T4 armorer the cost is next to nothing to make and unrealistic to destroy. Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Make the damage done by siege weapons and explosives what they used to be. 65 explosives or 100 teen shots. This is by far a closer comparison to destroy and I’m alright with orbs not burning them. (However I do think orbs should damage all other items like they used to)

  2. increase the cost of vaults by 10x.

  3. Lastly (no one will like this) make vaults unlocked all the time. If they are to be god proof, explosive resistant containers, make people build around them to secure them. I garuntee that no one would spam vaults if they were all open to the public.

This is typical of funcom. If its to OP, they completely nerf it. If its to weak, they OP it. NO BALANCE FUNCOM!

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And the thing is, all the costs and damages were good where they were before the launch. I have no idea if the changes were intended or by accident.

everyone says this about every game in existence. what are developers supposed to do?

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why axe @Manbot71?

Balance. They had it right at one time.

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I like all of your ideas there except for leaving them unlocked. A vault you can’t lock? That’s just crazy and would make them useless. That would make them less secure than a wooden box. They only have 300 slots so it would be better to place lockable chests instead; you’d save space and your stuff would have more protection.

They just need to take more damage and be more expensive. They should be hard to destroy, but not absurdly so.

Another solution would be to remove vaults completely. If someone breaches your defenses, they get all your stuff.

but what i’m saying is the reason that they changed it is because the other side was complaining. the games are just going to be a perpetual tug of war between what you think and what other people think because in a way, the developers are obligated to listen. there’s always going to be disagreements on what happen in the games

Yes true. I agree with you but, when you always overdue the nerf or the buff it becomes unbalanced. Before the combat patch and even before orbs, they had the vaults set at a good ratio. When they patched in orbs, they made them to easy to farm and gruops used them to crack the vaults. A group of 3 could breach a vault in 5 minutes with endless orbs. So, they adjusted the durability of the vault to compensate for the orbs. Now with explosives, trebs, everything ect, you cant breach a vault and thats called op. Whats the point of raiding? They made a huge mistake by adding huge amounts of hit points to beds, chests, vaults, cabinets, ect. I seen it first hand yesturday on our server. A vault took endless amounts of dam and still no avail. I used a catapult on a wooden box and it takes no dam. You tell me that its not out of balance, cause iv played this game from day 1 and its a major mistake on funcoms part.

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They should keep the HP as it is so that at least people got a chance to play if there is some big clans on their server. I’d just increase the mats to make it and that is all.

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