New Vault HP. Not the way to go



I don’t get why would you change vault HP to 1/4 of what it was. Why such a drastic change? Make it 3/4 of its original hp to start with or something. If this change was intended for the next siege update then please do it on the next siege update, because right now, this clearly doesn’t work.

What is going to happen, is that players will have to spamm 4 times more vaults to make it even. And they will, because vaults are still cheap to craft and no one wants to lose their stuff. I know i will, there will be so much more vault spamm then ever before.

A way this problem could be tackled was double vault hp and slot size and limit it to 3 per player. Also increase vault cost to 10 times its original cost. If there are technical difficulties to limit it per player, maybe just increase the cost 10 times, to make it more in line with the explosives spent. As we speaking i’m crafting 20 vaults right now to randomly place around my base. Everyone will do this, and the vault spamm will get real ugly.

PS: Remove fall damage from thralls. Every time i go to elevator my silent legion t4 thrall falls to his death…


You answered you own question “Players will have to spam 4 times as many”.

Stop spamming.


No one will stop spamming if its the most efficient way to defend ur loot. Double all walls and foundations hp and the vault spamm would be lessened. Vaults still are the most efficient way to defend loot. Either that or large chest spamm everywhere.


rip conan exiles


Funcom did this because some players were complaining about vaults being used to protect their valuables and were too difficult to break into. Other players thought reducing the HP would reduce spam…which clearly this will only increase spam.

The good thing for those that use the vault as intended is that the slots were increased. Bad thing…now a player can lose more stuff at once.

It didn’t make sense to me either. Vaults are supposed to be hard to break into. If my bank did this, I would be looking for a new bank.


what a mess, today my server everybody was raiding vaults trololol everywhere.


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