Raise Vault cost by 10x - and limit to the numbers of players in clan

Vaults are too inexpensive. Way to inexpensive. Raise the cost at least 10 times. Then, limit the number of vaults a clan can have to the number of players in the clan.


they are fine as is. stop bickering you arent controbuting to anything


They are not fine, at all. And I do contribute* something, actually. You, however, are not.

A five man clan still has 5 vaults i front of the base and a solo player gets his one vault blown up… bad idea sorry.


vaults do not need nerfed. as a solo player I highly depend on my vaults for safety. Stop just stop


Honestly I do agree that for the amount of protection a vault gives, it is very cheap to create. I think 10x the cost would be over kill though, not sure on what I would consider a fair increase in cost, but I would agree that a higher cost would be appropriate. As for the number of vaults, I don’t feel it appropriate to limit how many someone can build. It should simply be subject to the decay timer like all other player made structures.

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From official PVP Server:


Complete Bases covered in Vaults, Bases only with Vaults in it.

you can have it anyway you want it :smiley:

they are too cheap or atleast too strong! it’s too easy for a big clan to place 3 vaults just to give the enemy a gambling game in which they need to choose where they use all their jars on, if they hit the wrong, you failed and wasted HOURS of farming. In contrast the Vault can be farmed very easily…
I would atleast double it’s cost or maybe half it’s HP, or do both, they still we be viable.

solo players need to be more creative in this way, there are many good spots for little holes where you can place 1-2 chests for your good stuff, as solo player having over 9000 vaults is just ridicioulous!

Over 9000 PogChamp :rofl:

no nerfing… a workaround would be to make it so it would have to have a roof over it and a walls.

you already need to place some things around it due to the update with the minimum of 6 tiles to not decay.
so most guys in pvp already place a building near or next to it , so the timer for the vault goes up to max.
if you just place the vault , you have like 1 hr (or a little bit more) decay time normally

I agree with this :slight_smile:

Agree with it totally,i say this having a base with 100+ vaults,the cost/effect its too damm high,but i would like to note that another BIG problem that we have atm is repairing during a raid,instantaneously,you can literaly go naked with a repair hammer and some materials and repair the cost,even vs 10+ people defending the vault from be repaired its too difficult to stop the player from repair,the just need to attack the vault 2 or 5 times and boom,full hp again,i done that vs raiders and ppl done that vs me raiding,its frustating and need rework ASAP.

maybe you want to keep stuff in a chest, that’s great for you. I raid and steal and have lots of things id like to keep safe.