Nerf vaults, do it fast!

600k Hp boys. Ever tried to take down one? This is preposterous! And you know what’s worse with them? You can put them down in the water so that you can’t check their HP level or use orb again’s them effectively.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but trebuchets and gods have done little to no damage to them when I tested in SP (srsly?). Also, if they’re being attacked, you can repair them very effectively with almost no costs while swimming : other players can’t kill you in the water (or they can try with the javelin, lol?).

Oh, also, Vaults DO NOT SUFFER from stuctural stability, so THEY WILL NOT BREAK as long as the very last piece of ceiling or foundation holding them is standing, which is absurd.

Funcom, let’s do some simple math here :

1 vault basic mats total cost =

  • 290 brimstones
  • 580 tar
  • 1450 iron
  • 150 bricks
  • 60 ichor
  • 60 twines

Now to raid that, you have to use 120 x 5k HP damage Jars = 600k. (if placed underwater, else you have to stack orbs, and this takes hours to do…)

120 jars basic mats total cost =

  • 13 200 brimstones
  • 24 600 tar
  • 240 Demon blood
  • 6000 crystals
  • 6000 stones

Am I the only one here who finds the difference extremely disproportionate? Please nerf Vaults hard, else there’s no point in raiding anyone in the game the second they put up an underwater vault.


That is a lot of math. But looking at the numbers I would say the vault needs a buff.


Would you be kind enough to explain why? I can spam vaults all over the place and nobody will ever be able to do anything about it at this rate…

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The point of a vault is to keep things safe. Ergo it should be hard to kill. Plus, what is in the vault? Their could be 20000 brimstone, 48000 tar, 500 demon blood, and 16000 crystals in there for all you know. Raiding people is a gamble. You might get a lot or you might get squat.


Because a single black ice foundation is 100k.

If anything, offensive capabilities may be the issue. Not the vault’s hp. But I really can’t say for sure since I have not done any testing PvP wise.

Although through my experience in other pvp games, I can tell you that there is one factor you missed. The vault’s size. A device’s size also impacts how hard it is to defend/easy to destroy. When faced with the question of “what’s easier to destroy between a small object with low hp and a large one with high hp” it is almost always easier to take down the larger one, since in that same space, you could stack multiple copies of the same small object and completely eclipse the larger one’s hp through the combined value.

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A good point, but since you can spam them out like crazy, why would you have everything in one? Seems like a long shot to test out my enemy’s 50 vaults sitting in the water for for the sake of it. Maybe we should at least see what’s in the vault?


I edited the last paragraph into my last post a little too slowly, sorry if that causes some confusion. As to what you’re saying, that goes beond my experience in this game. I’m sorry, I really have nothing to add on that. You might be right, you might be wrong. :frowning:

You just gave me a great idea though. Lay out a ‘foundation’ of vaults, with more vaults for walls… hrm… :thinking:


Yea you can totally fill up entrances with vaults and only leave a small passage of 12 T3 doors haha! Unless they’re in water tho, people can take them down with orbs pretty ez

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I haven’t tested this, but you should no longer be able to spam vaults due to the decay system. Anything not within your build radius should decay out - very rapidly. Now, if that underwater vault were placed on foundations - different story. Even then, by the time you use enough jars to destroy the outer layer of foundations it’s on, the vault would be destroyed as well. The only real secure thing for that vault is for someone to be there to repair it as it’s being damaged - or if they actually build an underwater base. At that point, I’m in somewhat of agreement with you.

The main solution I see for that problem is they need to fix the avatars. Those were supposed to get buffed back up, but right now, aside from Set, the other three seem to hardly scratch anything. Shoot, I used Ymir on T3 base for full 60 seconds and hardly destroyed 1 T3 building piece. Making gods OP could solve a lot of issues with the vaults and with bases being too expensive to raid by jars or orbs. Allow Mitra to walk right through that lake and stomp the crap out of the base. That or allow trebuchet to destroy vaults again.


You can build vaults next to foundations and they will inherit the decay timer of the foundations that are close by : objets and buildings share their decay value as long as they’re relatively close to each other.

Unfortunately, this can also be used to spam the land claims with foundations or pillars.

Are you mad about vaults? Your exposives requires less work and time. Your data wrong 40 steel Bars,150 harden bricks and 150 reinforced steel for 1 vault.

For all that basic exposives. You could had 60 Demon-Fire Barrage. What weak data. Clearly you are a noob with exposives.

Do you even speak english? My calculations are translated in basic mats. Go back to school buddy.


You can’t use Demon-Fire Barrage against vaults. Clearly you are a noob with explosives.


Trebuchets don’t even damage Vaults…what a tard.



Funny to see someone like Bryan_Skull who flings insults but doesn’t even understand what he’s purportedly more knowledgeable than you on.

I agree though. Anyone who knows anything about PVP knows that vaults are WAY too OP. If you abuse them, you can never be raided, period.


You’re the tard wanting a nerf. You want to nerf an object that takes time and effort to make. First you need to harvest Iron ore. Then melt it down to bars. Then you want make steel bars. Then turn them into reinforced steel. I can have 120 exposives jars done before a vault can be made.

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You clearly need to go back to school.
I’ll have to ignore you from now on, sorry.


That seems highly unlikely. :slight_smile:
The crafting time alone would take more time than farming vault materials and building it.
Even just making that much tar would take longer.

And you can get hundreds of steel quickly, no need to process iron.

I play PvE so I don’t care how OP they are or aren’t. But solo, I have no problem building all the vaults I want.
Explosives are much more of a pain.