Need much stronger Vaults

The Game needs 1 (one) safe bank with limited storage space to store the rarest stuff in it or as a Backup Base. To raid a Vault should be the Event of the day, not something to pick up within a minute.
If people lose everything too easily without having the Chance to fight for it, they quit.

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Believe it or not, alot of people spent 12 months yelling at Funcom to nerf the vaults, because it took a full day and several national treasuries worth of explosives to kill a vault…

They are realtively easy to make in comparison, and so people used them to occupy land… and thus Vault-Pox came to be…a landscape covered in a sea of vaults.

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Lol, I predicted this day would come. Be careful what you ask for people.

You are better off making secret chambers inside foundations and putting your valuables there

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I would actually like to see them do this because those things are massive and server DB cant handle spams of them

As far as the DB is concerned, an (empty) Vault is nothing special, and should be no worse than a single foundation or other placeable. Rendering a sea of them, sure, that’s another matter but has nothing to do with the database.

I’ve said this before, there should be server settings to limit the amount of vaults per server and the hp of the vaults need to go back up. You could limit per person, clan, or server and have no vault spam. I totally agree with OP they need the Hit points back. You could make them like hotels in Monopoly, you need one and none are available destroy some. You could also turn it off for limitless vaults. I think Pvp-ers/raiders complain because all your loot isn’t just handed to them on a silver platter. Folks had to work for the loot you want to take, so should you work to get it plain and simple.

I build many vaults on a Pvp server to play the shell game. Players break them now with not too much effort, raiders need to understand that players don’t owe you their loot because your on your way, put some effort into it!

What happened to using trebuchets, I use them to raid because I like destroying stuff and letting folks rebuild. Most folks rush through a spot in a wall and then straight in to where the vault or vaults are for the loot using only bombs. You know because the rendering showed them right where the good stuff is including crafters. I use bombs on the smaller things like chests. Thralls and pets are no help.

Only the coders really know, I believe it’s more of a rendering thing, if they are spread out across the map no load problems. If you stack them in one tight area it becomes like a sloth crossing the street, slow but steady torture! But that’s with everything you place. A huge castle with no vaults is slow and steady torture to watch load in.

This is my 2 cents…

there should be smaller vaults, less capacity and the current HP. the current vault should be limited to 1 per clan with 600000HP. best of both worlds. whether you used the 1 vault for safe keeping high end mats is up to you. But truly 8n the end, your base design should be the true vault.

actually you are not far off… you are correct in that render and texture all can cause an amount of lag cuz the server gotta tell you ok render this at that time and its this size. obvisouly the draw call get lagged up and forcing your computer to slow down but it affect ping and then rubber banding blah.

let put it this way The ammount of work to go to hide a gaint vault should be huge so essential you would be building a base around your vault therefore Reducing the Footprint of where you go… you are not gonna be making 1 large base and several small base when you gotta defend your large base with everything you got to prevent people from getting in. hence is why if you restrict to 1 it would at least cut down having several large bases. or maybe it would increase creativity…Having a restricted space can sometime bring about the best outta all of us.

As a general rule I dislike hard caps and limitations. That said, I do feel the Vault looks so imposing and impressive that having them spammed all over is sad. Of course that does seem to be a problem that largely affects (affected?) PVP servers - on PVE we have sandstone wall spam instead.

But I will say that I would’ve probably preferred a cap of 1-2 vaults per person (clans limited to its number of members) to the gross nerf of HP the Vaults got. Then again I understood this to be a temporary fix to Vault spam while the Siege system was retooled, so hopefully we’ll get Vaults worthy of their model (and size footprint!) at some point again.

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