Increase trebuchet damage to vaults

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer ]
Problem: [ Performance ]
Region: [America]

Would it be possible to increase the damage that the trebuchet will do against vaults. Currently they do about 10 hp of damage to something that has 150 000 hp, I could spend the entire 7 hours of raid time smashing a vault and barely dent it. So could you increase the damage or maybe add a T3 version. Nothing is more fun then long distance sieges. Thank you for your time.

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LOL frak no.

If you want to destroy someone’s vault, you need to actually put yourself in a little danger and go blow it up yourself. Use the treb to get through the walls.

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so your saying that 10hp per shot makes sense, how so? It should do the same damage as it does to T3 structures as to vaults. If that’s the way it’s supposed to be then why not remove the trebuchet altogether, then everyone will be forced to raid the same boring grindy way.

Or even better increase the cost to make a vault by 4 or so, I’m not grinding up 250 bombs to blow 10 vaults cause its asinine. They are way to easily made in comparison to one bomb.

LOL 250 bombs vs the contents of 10 vaults is tiny. stop complaining that you can’t wipe out 100 hours of work with only 10 hours of work.

You do realize that people purposely place dummy vaults given how easy they are crafted right? So if one is half full of crap and the other 9 are empty, then they just wasted 50 hours of my time for 1-2 hours on their end. It’s called game balancing. I guarantee that I can solo craft more vaults between raid times then you could bombs to destroy them all. Where is the balance?

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