Urgent Balances needed (Please!)

-Please Nerf the strength of a vault, it takes a little less than 100 explosive pots wich is quite insane, and it takes yog 55 seconds to destroy a vault in the open, a vault inside a base is basically unraidable or not worth the insane amount of resources you need.

-Trebuchetes, they cant damage a vault at all, but then why do they damage t3 black ice and reinforced brick, each hit does 6500 damage, that’s 11 shots and your into a t3 wall, that’s 275 stone for 1 black ice wall, that takes less than a minute to farm!

Please look at these issues, this is completely unbalanced at the moment, pots are not even worth making when u can just chuck rocks at walls and see they break with ease.

In addition to Vortex1096:

-Vault spamming in raid offence is the biggest meta. PvP servers are full of vaults everywhere and it is way to expensive remove them + the decay time is way to high. The Vaults are way to OP.