Solving Vault spamming

We know that on some server, vaults are used to claim and block land. This should be part of the game play but it’s too easy to spam vaults. So, after a good think, I have come up with some solutions

Low level implantation:
Vaults take at least 24 hours to construct. During the construction time, they have very low HP (say 25,ooo) and a cool contraction graphic/mesh (Automated timer).

This means, if you wish to place the vault outdoors, you will need to protect it for at least one day/raid block… or build a containing building.

This does not affect how vaults are ‘should’ be uses, as part of a base build, and within walls… but adds a risk factor to spamming vaults… the more you spam in a day, the more you will have to protect. Yes, you have to wait a day for the vault to be useable, but I think this is a better option that reducing vault HP or increasing cost, to avoid spamming

High level implementation:
This version requires more development but also offers more game play, and possible future systems.

As above, we have a timer for construction, but lets make it 2 day (because im evil)… But we also class the vault as a crafting station (and a thrall will have an affect during the construction part).

It takes 2 days to craft without a ‘lock smith’ thrall. 1.5 days with a lvl, 1.25 with level 2, 1 day with level 3, and 0.5 days with a level 4 (meaning it could be constructed without it being vulnerable to raid time)

Still, even with a level 4 thrall cooking a vault in half a day, there is a risk. If you don’t build a wall around the vault station, someone could come along ant steal the thrall.

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No to your Idea.

Level 44 is a high required Level.

Vaults are end game items.

Reduction to vaults HP reduce the vault purpose.

25k health too low a number. They should increase vaults HP. Vault should have 1 millon HP.

The vaults takes up huge spaces.

Another person wanting easy raiding. Welcome to PVP. It’s not suppose to be easy.

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vaults work as intended. if you think they are too hard to raid well YEAH THATS THE POINT.


oh my, its allways the worried ones that attack first :slight_smile:

as it happens, im okay with how it is now. not an issue for me. Unlike yourslef, im thinking about othere peoples problems. I like to take on problems and have a stab at them.

Never had an issue of people spamming me, i rarly raid as most players don’t have anything i need (sometimes i will if a clan/ally wants me to come along and help).

so to assume i’m a person wanting an easier raid, you are way off… not, i don’t raid, not the way i play. I’m and expert player :slight_smile: and if my base is raided, i go after the clan members, not there stuff.

much more effective to PVP a clan if you wanna stop them than PV(base/vualt). Don’t project your values onto me :slight_smile:

and am i and expert pvper?, or just taking rubbish… well, i took a short stint on blue inferno’s you-tube streams… and american server, and i’m in the EU, so lag (one reason i left in the end)… But i wheny on there for the challenge, to help their clan dominate (never died in battle from level 30 onward, and ever died at all from level 45 onward apart from bugs).

you can seem me in stream taking on higher level players who are in end game amour… and the cool stream where it was 3 vs 5(of them) with one of out member not even taking part >< but i was down there, finally killed one of them, took their amour, put it on, and the rest where dead :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, i’m that good :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t bother with vaults and raids.

also ‘yakuzafrog’ … maybe you misunderstand. i don’t want the vaults weaker… while they are in the construction process they have lower HP… they would be, as they are now, once fully constructed…

as i said ‘. During the construction time, they have very low HP (say 25,ooo) and a cool contraction graphic/mesh (Automated timer).’

i also said ’ but I think this is a better option that (than, typeo) reducing vault HP or increasing cost’

so i don’t know which thread you read… or just saw the title and reacted. >< was wondering if this forum and numpties :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve offered an idea that would avoid vaults with less HP or more cost… something i would think the current posters where would rather, if funcom wished to make changes… if it turned out there is an issue…

if people are finding spamming game spoiling, it will probably see changes… what i did is, got in early with an idea that avoids change to there core use. you should be behind the idea, not attacking it ><

if there is not an issue, vault will stay as they are. you silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps they could do what they did with temples, and make it so you can’t plop them too close to one another… (At least so you can’t stick them close enough together to make a viable wall out of them if that’s the problem)

As a person with over 700 hours in this game. Vaults are a big problem. Clans will place a vault on jus tthe corner of your land claim and then raid you or attempt to,they will put foundations under it too and it never decays. I have a clan on my server who has over 40 vaults. This is SO annoying. What they need is a MAXIMUM amount of vaults. You should be able to also at least fight for your goods back if fighting during a raid,not have to worry about even naked people running your things super fast and placing it into a vault and then suiciding just to come back later to get everything. (Never has happened to me btw,just have seen the big clans on my server do this to even level 30 players)

Another idea: Make it so the vault takes time to open and close… (And won’t lock until it’s closed, so anyone can take stuff out of it while it’s open, this would undermine the tactic of enemies putting stuff in the vault to keep you from reclaiming it, or at least give you a chance to run to the vault and grab your poop if they’re stupid enough to leave it open in the open near your base/spawn point…


I dont raid myself, i sometimes steal stuff if they are dumb enough not to put a roof on their base but thats about it. i only take what i NEED. ie. leather and iron to repair my gear on the spot. otherwise i just mark their locations and names on my map and move on.

still vaultd are supposed to be THE safeguard for your valuables, you dont want to start from scratch just because some 10y olds decided to team up on you.

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