And another thing that broke PVP gaming

Please Funcom … fix the exploit using with speers especialy the Kingslayer ! People make one Hits against a LEGION ARMOR and you are death !!! WTF !

Unlimited Godshield, undestroyable Vaults, and now a one Hit bug… the PVP gaming is totaly broken and makes absolutly no fun !!!

One day of farming materials and our clan blew 4 vaults during raid time last night. Vaults are far from invincible.


Please… 85 Explosives or hundreds of jar orbs is to expensive to blew up a Vault ! I will Play the game and not one they farming to blew up a empty Vault

i do not get your logic

Waht ? Thats the mats you need do destroy one Vault… or do you have an easier way ? Then tell it to all of us ! Old Orb Damage on vault you needed 50-60 Orbs and 15 Minutes !

I am not sure what is the guy complaining about.
Should we have vaults, that can be destroyed with 1 explosive? What would be the point of having a vault then? If you don’t have time, or don’t feel like farming materials for explosives, to blow up the vault, which can be farmed all in an hour or so btw.
Then you don’t deserve to blow up a vault, Game is as easy as it has ever been, and you want it even easier…

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At least you don’t have to deal with clans that spam 50-60 vaults around the map…

Servian has a clan of 30 people and says vaults are ok. well if he thinks so maybe I should spam them since they are dirt effing cheap to make.

he’s complaining about people spamming them all over maps and how getting rid of them is near impossible because the cost in mats to destroy them is leaps and bounds greater than what it is to make them. But yeah, love that hyperbolic “1 explosive” reply, that literally no one is asking for.

Also it’s kinda funny people keep saying “the little guy should have something to protect his stuff too” like big/alpha clans just stop using them once they have their ultrabase set up. When the effort to raid someone’s base costs more than absolutely anything you can get from their base, that’s a failure of design and overtuning. This isn’t an MMO dungeon crawler PvE game, even if there are servers which support that playstyle. At the end of the day this is supposed to be a clan vs clan sandbox.


Biggest problem in PvP is that the Purge system isn’t functioning correctly. Vaults should give a ton of Purge Points, so that if you spam them, you’ll be wiped out by the Purge.


Can I dare to ask you name, since I’m assuming by your “Servian has 30 people in his clan” comment and the fact that you say you will just spam more vaults down, that you are on the same server as him?

If you are who I think you are, better be careful about your posts. You’d hate to have people know about the exploits in your clan that Servian is refering to.

The problem is the vault hp is to protect for single player but group gather resources is nothing to destroy vault. So you can increase cost but are based this cost with legen thrall or not. But even u remove vaults from thralls cost be cheaper then explosive jars. So spamming will still be problem from bigger clans.

So making vaults cost more won’t change anything cheaper destroy would make vaults useless. So use two features in the game solve problem. One set decay system as single foundation so spamming would be loss of mats if it is built away from your base. Also have purge target vaults

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