Floating vaults 10/10 game is ready for release

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe] Official 1123 PVP

Not to mention that vaults are almost friggin’ indestructible, they’re super duper cheap and the cost to break them FAR OUTSTRIPS the benefits. Me and my friends have decided to switch from a fortress type Base to just half a dozen vaults out in the open because apparently once a vault gets placed, it’s there to stay. Indefinitely.

During the raid the people defending were also constantly replacing walls and foundations from the inside. This game needs a timer that stops people from repairing/building for a while after damage to a structure was done. As it is right now, raiding is absolute ■■■ cancer.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Yeah this is an old bug. If somehow there is a invisible wall or collision the vault won’t crumble if you destroy the foundations beneath.

This is so true. The fact that they can just run around naked, stamina glitching, spam you with t1 foundations and build you inside their base, its freakin hilarious. If an enemy is in the vicinity, you shouldnt be able to build.

What is also really funny: Everyone can loot your trebuchet! So if you dont build a platform and defend it, they can just steal your stuff… seems pretty realistic to me lol.

If you cannot outnumber them you might as well give up raiding. Destroying beds takes forever and needs alot of bomb/orbs. Even for a crappy bedroll you need alot of time to destroy it because it takes only 1 dmg from EVERY weapon.

We should be able to dammage door and any kind of chest with weapon (but not wall, fondation, etc…).

This one is free, Rebuild during raid solver : As we cannot remove something who have take dammage, we should not be able to build near dammaged structure