Floating vault bug

**Game mode:Online private
**Type of issue:Bug
Server type: PvP

[Describe the bug here]
Destroying all the foundations below a vault, every single one of them, and the vault just floats in the air, it doesn’t fall down and it doesn’t get destroyed.
These are a few screenshots.

Also I think this is a bug aswell, destroying the foundations below was very hard, sometimes a jar explodes right next to it, a sandstone foundation, and it would take between 0 and a few hundred damage.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Place a vault on foundations
2.Destroy foundations (I used explosive jars)
3.Vault is floating

The bug has been there since launch or before, and reported multiple times. Blowing all foundations underneath will sometimes cause it to fall and be destoryed, but most often you end up with the stuipid floating vault.

Tanks a lot for the report and details. I’ll check with the devs on the status of this bug and see if we can get it added to the Trello board.

In this particular case as shown from the images, it looks like the vault is placed very close to the earthen terrain / ruins wall.

It may be the case here that the vault object’s collision footprint is close enough to the terrain to actually be touching. If the vault has a corner or an edge that is touching terrain, it will continue to be supported, and will not collapse.

I think if there are other images showcasing this floating vault issue, those might be helpful. Also - it may be worth getting the dev team to review the vault’s property layers, and maybe “true up” the collision layer to the viewable texture layer, and make sure that any layer adjustments don’t impact vault placement activities.

As a PvP case, this particular floating vault really should not be a problem. You can still get up on that, and bomb the ever living stew out of it.

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Right on! Thanks for the extra details!!

I gues I’ll give some more details that I didn’t see as important in the beginning. (btw from personal experience it doesn’t place when it’s hitbox is too close to stuff like this so I would find it weird)

There were foundations against that natural wall that went up. I destroyed them when I found out the vault was floating in the hope it would make it destroy it.

I am afraid I don’t have more screenshots than the 2 I shared, I thought I covered the important angles.
Yes the vault was destroyable, I did destroy it with a total of about 50 explosive jars in the end.
I do find it strange how when you want to place something it needs to have perfect 100% foundations below it to support it but you can destroy every single foundation and it remains floating. My friend and I figured this was worth reporting so I ended up putting it here.

Definitely worth reporting. :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure as I am not a game dev, but I like to think of placeables as objects with multiple properties / layers. I think that this is pretty close to how the game engine works. There is first (well, probably not first) the layer that you see - he visible object texture. While we as players use this as a guide for placing, I think it ultimately has nothing to do about where the object gets placed, and where the object actually resides.

Then there is the collision layer. This is what causes you to stop when you walk up to the placable. Evidence of texture versus collision layers is pretty obvious in other places in the game. You see a mountain cliff. But then when you climb, you either climb inside the texture sometimes, or like a few feet off of the texture, climbing on air. These cases occur when the texture layer and the collision layer are not properly aligned.

Beyond these two layers, the rest is PURELY my own speculation on how the object oriented engine works. I expect that there is a kind of structural support layer. This would be the one that establishes the structural integrity rules for whether or not a placable is adequately supported. If this layer’s rules / requirements are met, the object remains. If this layers rules are broken, the object collapses.

My bet is that there is a structural placement layer. This could, technically, be handled by either the collision layer or the structural integrity layer. But because you can experience object placement struggles, and those struggles seem to differ from the later structural integrity observations, I think that placement is handled through a different rules set. Or, a different layer all together. If this is the case, this would explain some of your observations about when it is placed versus what has to happen to cause it to collapse. Also - it explains why sometimes placing large placables (map rooms, shrines, vaults, trebuchets, etc.) can be a pain in the butt.

Vaults do not always need to have perfect 100% foundations underneath it. In fact, when it took more like 125 or so bombs to sack a vault, the ideal placement was to put the vault halfway on T3 foundation blocks, and have at least a corner of it resting on the raw earth. That way you could not collapse the vault by bombing out the foundations alone. The true cost to sack would be the full 125 bombs.

Now that it’s only about 25 or so bombs to sink a vault, the placement tactic above is not really as relevant. Though - you can clearly see first hand how a raiding player would become miffed if you can be sure your vault edge is sticking in terra firma somewhere.

TL;DR: I think that the report is helpful, for sure. And ultimately, it would be best for these kinds of key objects to be “trued up” with the supporting layers matching as close as possible the visible texture layer.

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