Floating/indestructible vault

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: /

Vault tend to be indestructible. I build a vault on some foundations. I blew up my own foundations. Result? Vault gone.

But when someone else blew up the foundations the vault isn’t gone. It kept floating in the air with no visible contact point with the ground.

Plz fix this issue! PvP/Raiding is to hard because of this.

We raided 2 bases very high up and this happened. Entire base is gone, but vault is floating 500 feet in the air with nothing touching it

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Is this a problem on ps4 too?

any news about it? just happened to me right now…

was there any point of the vault contacting the ground? I usually set mine up so they are on foundations except one little corner and it will not fall that way. Kinda dumb how it does that but its a good defense trick.