Vault despawn on the ground

Hi Funcom!

We lost our vault for The second time no. But this time is was filler up with lvl. 4 thralls and all of our stuff that i saved from our bases that was being raided. It just despawned over night. We took it to our other bAse and there is 0% chance that it was raided. We beilt it straight on The ground. A bit tilted But If it is placeable then it shouldnt be any problem. We’re on a official PvP server(3223eu) and we are only 2 people fighting against clans of 6-8 and there is no way for us to compete and love this game with this type of bug. We gotta live with The lag that makes PvP fights unplayable But losing a full vault that was The drop.

I want you to use admin rights and give us our shi@& back. I can not list all but to give u a picture of How long it will take us to farm for it. Heres What i can 100% remember:

1p lvl 4 tanner
2p lvl 4 blacksmith
2p lvl 4 smelter
900 insulated wood
600 steel reinf
25 dragonpowder
1400 brimstone(not that hard to Get)
600 steelfire
The vault was full, but this is The stuff that we really need. Weapons and tools and other stuff is not that hard to Get and Ok. Please help us!!! We are Norwegians fighting all kinds of Europeans. Please help your own!!!:sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed many things can potentially, but not always, despawn very quickly when placed on the ground. Make sure to place them on foundations.

There’s no moderation for official servers so your items won’t be returned. Just gotta farm it all over again.


Hi there,

As @ExNihiloish said, Customer Support is unable to restore any lost items at this time.

As for the issue itself, I have moved this thread to #conan-exiles:Exiles-PS4-Updates for better visibility.

Placeables have to be on foundations or they will despawn.

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How about making it impossible to place vault on The ground then. This is not The way to teach us a lesson since you know How costly it could be…

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