BUG: Vault vanished

Game mode: Official server #1538 PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: America

We built a vault and it just vanished with all our stuff. It was sorrounded by walls, and no wall nor the ceiling was harmed. The vault just vanished. We want our stuff back, since it represents our time, and it is unfair to loose all that effort.

Please respond. Thanks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. We built foundations in a mountain slope
  2. We built a vault
  3. We enclosed the vault in a large room
  4. Vault vanished

May Crom hear your plea…

“Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune!”

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yup just lost 6 vaults in server 1586 a clan has be wiping people so i put all my clans stuff in vaults around the map in water and other places to find every single one gone some on land some in the water. it was like 60 thralls 25 of them t4 like 6 archs, 20k hardend bricks and other mats of that level.
got over 2k hours in this game and this is the most heart breaking mess up that the game has done to me, i am quitting cause they wont roll back the server i am pissed. i even saw 3 of them when i logged on then i turned my back and then they where gone the next sec.

It’s just absurd. Sorry for your vaults. We just lost one, and I felt so angry. I cannot imagine how I’d feel if 6 just vanished. This is the kind of things that can’t be forgiven in a full released game.

we still got one left that is not on any foundation and it happens to be the decoy vault with nothing in it. Funcom let me down i got like 12 people to buy this game too. we got nothing left my whole clan is quieting the game.

The irony here is that you build a vault to protect your time from raiders; but the worst raider turns out to be Funcom!

yup not the first time funcom raided me but its the last time since this was a full released game now