Disappearing vault

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug |
Region: [U.S East Offical PC server 1599]

[I logged off around 2AM EST last night and my vault had just been placed about 2 hours prior. I logged in this morning around 12:30PM EST and the vault I had placed last night and filled with materials is gone. I was not in raid times, and my base was not broken into. The only thing that may be relavant to the disappearing vault is I had 4 thralls (one on each corner of the vault) on top of the vault. The thralls are still floating in the air where the vault once was. I haven’t seen any other posts on this problem, but this can potentially be devastating for the game if this occurs more frequently.

Thanks for your time.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. None are known

Has your server been restarted inbetween?

Server has since been restarted, vault has not re-appeared.

the server restart seems to be causing issues with some datas. Stuff disappearing and stuff not working are some of these issues.
I’m sorry but i haven’t found any workaround for that

I just logged in right now to find out my vault is gone. Server 1117. Seems to be an issue right now.

Hi guys vault is gone for me to i would like to know if this is a bug or is a admin to blame i play as a 4 man team on max servers so me and my fellow streamers need to know if this is a bug or abuse. but as of now we are blaming the admin and changing server thank you for your time .

also it disappeared last night 1am-9am 7/8

Happened to me 3 weeks ago also. Since that, I never put stuff inside the vault if it’s not stable for 24h

This just happened to me! I put a vault down near enemy base with a True Name of Yog in it and now it’s gone! Funcom wtf! And another small chest with orbs and explosives nearby!

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