Why did my full vault of loot dissapear into thin air?

I am a new player to this game but I’m pretty sure it does not take a rocket scientist to know a full locked vault of loot should not just vanish. Is this a common bug because if it is I will stop playing this game right now, Putting a week worth of loot into a vault preping for a raid just for it dissapearing is :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:t. Is there going to be a patch soon? Or will my farm keep dissapearing?


Happened to me as well with a vault and a level 3 altar with archpriest in it + many, many others. You cannot be sure what can disappear from your base next patch maybe even your full base so yeah… this is the game, think well if it’s for you since nobody will help you to recover your lost progress if you will address to the devs or support team. They simply don’t care… sadly!


I can’t really compare to losing a level 3 altar but i lost TONS of crystals, grease orbs, black ice etc but i have a common feeling i can assume. Just push though it. I guess? Lol

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Yeah if you really have passion for the game you can try… me tbh I feel a big wave of “meh”… I just wait maybe they will repair all these bugs in time so I can return to the game eventually… just be aware that you can lose really anything and embrace this sad idea… lol


Yeah haha cross your fingers and hope changes are made

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Yeah well hope dies last… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah it was definitely a bug, It’s an official PVP server our clan has played every day since we joined and the vault was never destroyed lol. The loot disappeared that was inside. No damage to the vault and it is locked as well.

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Its normal for this game :smiley: things are disappearing - no one cares to fix it, players are leaving - still no one cares.


Please let me just check to confirm:

You play on an official PvP Server
Nothing was shown in the system in game log
Nothing was destroyed (everything still intact)
The Vault is still there, just the loot is gone?

This very much sounds like someone in your clan helped themselves to that loot.


No, it’s us 3 and we all have been playing with eachother for about 2 years no one would do that. It could just be a corrupted save in the vault.

Pvp server/Nothing in Logs/Vault is there but loot is gone. Our other vault is still full though

Sorry for the late response I just woke up ;D

That is really weird,
Would you be willing to send me a private message with the server number and your clan’s name?

No worries, no need to apologize :slight_smile:

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Oh god my clan name haha sure but I don’t know if you’ll like it ;D

Official Server 1651 PVP Clan name: HughMungasDicks

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That took so much to send i won’t lie LOL

Well ok then!

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Sounds like you got robbed by a team member or the accidental grab all button and the stuff is maybe just moved

That’s what i thought but we all have PVP skills active right now so if we did hit take all on accident we would be encumbered by atleast 500% it’s impossible to notice once you hit f on a vault. We are all really close to each other so there would be no such thing like that. We left to go farm and once we came back to depo all the grind we noticed there wasn’t a single item in the vault.

did you make sure the vault is locked. its built locked but it can be left open

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That’s exactly what I was thinking.