Vault has disappeared

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Region: Xbox pvp official

So I noticed today one of our vaults has disappeared, it’s not in the log either .

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Was it placed on a triangle piece?
Did any of your structures disappear?
We mentioned some changes in our patch notes:

One thing to mention here is that this patch will have collision changes on wall-shaped building pieces and the triangle foundations (all tiers). We’ve unified them to be the same size, and tested to make sure things shouldn’t fall down or disappear from them. It’s possible to lead to some slightly odd builds that can have some placeables disappear. This should hopefully cause only minor (if any) issues on consoles.

If you want to be 100% sure that there will be no issues, you could move placeables and containers off triangle pieces and onto square foundations before the patch goes live (and move them back afterwards).

I’m afraid not it was placed on the ground next to our other vault evenly spaced out , far enough apart so bomb damage couldn’t be multiple. There are no collision with any objects or interference with spawned items . It’s completely puzzling :thinking:

I’m not puzzled, you’ve done well to last this long without disappearing items tbh.

Vaults that aren’t on foundations or directly connected to your base through building pieces seem to have faster decay or not reset decay timer I lost about 4 vaults b4 I figured that out

Thanks but I’m afraid this is only one of many other items that have disappeared , thralls , gear have also been lost but that’s another story .however a vault is somewhat the biggest loss you could have , in just lucky it wasn’t jammed with my best gear , I thank my lucky stars for that .

Thanks that’s useful to know

I’m on PS4 so this patch hasn’t hit yet, but I’m worried about my vaults. I get that they want to get rid of random wilderness vaults, and that’s great, but what exactly is needed for a vault now? None of my vaults are actually on foundations, because of the risk that implies, assuming they eventually fix the flying vaults. Instead, my vaults are all on the ground, and the base is built around them. Base parts are very close to the vault, there’s even some clipping on the top of the vault and some ceiling tiles. Are my vaults safe?

Who knows, not even Funcom, might as well ask a bloke in Wetherspoons at 2 in the morning.

could you mention when the game will be fixed, that would be great thanks

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