Did they ever fix vaults disappearing?

About 6 months ago, I played a couple of weeks and liked the game, but then the vault containing pretty much 100% of my last 2 weeks disappeared and I quit playing because of it. Was that ever fixed?

Does anyone know?

Are you playing PvE or PvP?
Vaults never disappeared. You can check your logs for information related to your vault disappearing. It either decayed or got raided.

Always place vaults on solid foundations
They decay pretty fast is you don’t

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PvE Single Player

The log said nothing. By default, there’s a tick box turned on called “disable building abandonment” which on mouseover says " if flagged, disables decay on buildings over time."

That seems to imply that stuff won’t decay. So yeah I’m very confused because people seem to imply over and over wherever I ask that decay would have done it even if decay is turned off like that lol.

So maybe a vault isn’t considered the same with the decay settings and still decays even if decay is disabled? Idk but all my other boxes on the ground other than the vault have lasted 10 times as long.

It didn’t have any sort of timer for decay either.

Even with decay turned off?

Get close to an item and hold TAB while pointing at it. It should show the decay timer at the bottom. If you have it successfully turned off it will say:
Decay In: -

Yes even with decay off, when there ain’t enough stability it will also vanish later
So you can place it that time, but actually shouldn’t be allowed to

Same happens with chests sometimes especially on carpets and sometimes on shelves too.

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Stability? What’s that? Nothing like this was explained anywhere. When you say stability I think of server stability lol

Took like 12 hours of game time and multiple days in real life for it to delete and log didn’t have anything about it.

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Providing info about systems such as stability and decay is one thing funcom really need to work on. A simple message saying “because of xyz this item will decay in x amount of hours” would prevent a lot of people losing all their work and leaving the game as a consequence. I don’t expect to have my hand held as I cross the road but it’s usually only bitter experience that teaches us these lessons in Conan.

Yah I see what you mean, when you place something the item has stability
it is not 100% reliable though since some of my chests disappear regardless

Just one advice, put them on foundations and check the timer with your repair hammer.

Yeah being on PvE i’ve never needed a repair hammer haha. Never seen a chest disappear only the vault and I only even really make the lowest quality base walls because no need to make the higher ones haha

Yeah I struggled too some time ago and I play PvE too so I started using the hammer to check things because of this haha

Disappearing chest very rarely happens and mostly only happens on shelves

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