Funcom? Vault gone - did check it did say 300 Decay yesterady - one day later - Gone!

Hi all.

As a Solo Player took me pretty long with to be proud of my first Vault. So i placed it yesterday on ground lets say 4 foundations distance away from my temple.
Today i log in - Vault gone. I had of course placed valueable stuff, all t3 production in it.

Now it is gone.

What did i do wrong - or what did Funcom did do wrong. Because if it says - decay 300 hours then it should not be gone after 24 hours!

Server: Official 1069 PvP

did check Event-Log - no information.

Frustrated a little. Because many hours gone due to me not doing anything wrong.

If it is a bug? Anyone konw a trick?


Do you play singleplayer or do you play on a server?

I am on Official Server 1069

Did the server crash soon after or did a restart? Maybe the Database did a rollback or just failed to save the game data properly but that’s just a wild guess.
Otherwise the decay system borked you over and it just vanished.
Well there is only one thing to say for sure, it’s gone with everything inside.

And you sure nobody raided you?

Did you place it on foundations or directly on the ground? You should always build things together With 8-10 other pieces, otherwise items might despawn. The reason for this is so that players don’t place one Foundation here and there to claim a huge amount of territory as a strategy against trebuchet attacks.

Yes. My Event log did say nothing of an Attack. All i had was a system message: 2 Sandstone gone - due to decay.
but nothing about my Vault

I did place it on Ground.

Because if i place it on Foundation on a PvP Server - they only destroy foundation below my Vault to destroy Vault itself.
So it counters the idea of having a 600 000 HP Vault if they only need for example to destroy the below 7000 hp Foundations.

Are you missing any sandstones nearby? Could be a purge. If you got purged, it may not list all structures a purge destroyed. Whats was the biom of the vault?

Hello Ryu.

The Vault has 600 000 HP. and i am in the Jungle. :slight_smile: My Purges are imps attacking. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the idea what may have caused it.

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600K HP is far from indestructible, specially from purges. But again, could it be PVP raided?


i was on pve server and my decay was " 350" hours. I have built my base for a few weeks. and than… its gone.

but I do not care now, funcom continues vacation and I play something else. funcom needs the players, not me

I am in the Jungle Biome.

So based on Purge Wickipedia i should be totally save.

Purge level areas:
The severity of the purge depends on the area.[2] Depending on server settings the maximum purge level might be capped.

Purge Attacks - Jungle is Moderate - so T2 Buildings resist easy the Purges. And Vault is far more HP then T2 Building Parts.

1, 2 - Low difficulty in the area around the southern river. (resisted with T1 buildings)
3, 4 - Moderate difficulty in the central area of the map, as well as the Jungle biome. (resisted with T2 buildings)
5, 6 - High difficulty in the Highlands biome, Snow biome, and Volcano biome. (resisted with T3 buildings)

So possible purged base. Decay isn’t the only thing that can remove your base.

Buildings destroyed by Purge Enemies are logged in the Eventlog.
And you’re definitely not safe. That text is misleading, even a “low difficulty” purge can destroy T3 buildings. It just takes longer. Which won’t make a difference when you are offline.

Had no Message. :frowning:

I am willing to bet it just despawned due to lack of other structures. Place the foundation low, barely above ground, then place the vault on top. The foundations underneath will not be reached by much bomb damage. And even if some go, there will be enough for the vault not to despawn.

Known bug, fill the vault after it has been stable for 24h

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