Hello to all I have a problem

I play Ps4 on server #3651 among others. However this particular server i suspect of either admin abuse or coincidental server glitch. I built a vault last night at around 10 pm my time and load it up. By around 2pm my time the next day my tribe member is messaging me the vault had decayed. I said no problem I’ll repair it after work, it is strange it entered decay so quickly… He says no it decayed. So i assumed event log would say so and so took w.e right nope. Apparently server shuts down in the am immediately changing the vault to decay abandoned state then decayed followed by every single thing inside it decaying so obvious no player did it who would leave 100s of gold dust and much more… Theres also been an appearance of a more toxic player who given plenty of chances to run he wouldn’t so I killed him. Next day someone outside my base was moving near door and runs after I come towards him I check player list. Clearly he didn’t run far because im being struck stuck in menu its same toxic player. Is admin abuse or random luck for this other guy. I had war resources:/

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I can’t speak to the behavior of this other player, but if it’s an official server you’re on, good luck. There’s no moderation to be had there.

In regards to your vault, however: did you place it on foundations, or just on the ground? Any structures placed directly on the ground will decay swiftly. Placing them on foundations, however, vastly increases their lifespans.

Hmm but a vault gone in 6 hours though of placement?

Dunno. I’ve only ever built a vault once, and it was in singleplayer. And I placed it on foundations. So…can’t help you there. I have heard, however, that anything placed directly on the ground will decay with ludicrous speed.

I advise always using a repair hammer to check the decay time on any building you place & frequently rechecking it with a repair hammer to confirm it’s staying the time you expect.

As Timelord75 said items placed directly in the ground have a very short decay timer unless they are close enough to a larger building that it shares the buildings decay timer. Vaults in particular has a short decay time if on the ground due to people spamming excessive numbers of them.
Also there used to be a nasty bug that newly placed vaults can despawn for no apparent reason within the first day of being placed … probably when the server gets restarted… so it used to be advised to make the vault and leave it empty for 24-48 hours to ensure it stays ingame…haven’t seen anyone complain about this recently though.

Thanks for the info

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