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Logged in after a week of being away, vault with all my clans rarest stuff is gone. After checking log it says the vault decayed, but i wasn’t gone long enough for that to make sense. A lot of other small structures and decorations are gone too.

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That’s because your vault decayed. I’m guessing you placed it out in the open somewhere and not in or near your home base? It will decay faster.

Place your vault on foundations and it won’t decay as fast. Also, make sure someone uses it daily to reset the clock. You said you were away from it for a week? It is gone because you didn’t use it anymore.

Maprooms, Vaults, everything decays when it’s not in use. If you’re not using it daily the clock continues to countdown. It probably reached decay mode and someone dismantled it. I know I would have looted it for sure if it reached decayed state.

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Yeah, common mistake is people think they have the vault close enough for full timer, and don’t check. Every thing i place that is gonna be “permanent” gets a hammer check.


AND should be on a sturdy foundation. In my early inexperienced gameplay, I lost many map rooms not realizing they needed a foundation to prevent their 1 hour decay time.

I don’t know why people don’t connect everything with foundations anyway.

Vault was inside my Large base on foundations, everything is connected.

I’ve been gone for a week before, vault was fine.

This is also on a pve server.

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