Vaults are bugged?!

What the hell is wrong with your stupid buggy ■■■ game? Our small group of friends were getting bullied by a large “clan” so we placed a vault in the middle of nowhere to PROTECT our valuables. We’ve only been playing for a month back when the game was on sale and our freaking vault decayed over night! The hell is this? IT’S A Vault! IT SHOULD NEVER DECAY FOR ANY REASON! Look at all the hard work we lost because of this “feature” or bug! We quit! - - - - New users can’t upload images?! Double f*ck you!

Calm down. You have to place vaults near or on foundations / structures to prevent it from fast decaying. There’s currently a problem in the game with low effort troll clans spamming foundations/building pieces all over the map. The fast decay of structures happens when a building piece like a vault is placed by itself without other building pieces nearby. Should have placed it near or on 10 or so foundations. Also, a large clan can pop a single vault pretty quick so there’s that too(about 20 or so bombs, HP is about the same as a gate). Truthfully, if you’re not willing to play the asymmetrical guerrilla game against a larger clan, you probably shouldn’t be playing PVP in the first place. Next vault if you make one should be placed in a hidden area or deep under water.


Funny how an alpha clan of cheating ■■■■■■■■ (even admitted to it in chat) can’t break my spirits but a poorly thought out “feature” by Funcom can. It’s a vault. How am I supposed to know it decays fast w/o foundations near by? There should at least be a popup warning when first placing it. We’re pretty much wiped. I personally spent countless hours over the past month collecting these T4 named thralls. I think we’re done here. Funcom needs to add a warning. Bottom line.

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You can use the repair hammer to check decay timers and stability. honestly don’t waste your time using vaults. Make a room of hallways and put in “jail cell rooms” with doors for every 1x1 space and put two chest in every cell. it becomes to much of a task for them to get it all unless they are really bored. makes sure you leave a bunch of them empty near the doorways etc. maybe fill with stone.

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lol if they were really cheating they would have wiped you after raid hours in your sleep.

There is nothing special about the vault. ANYTHING placed alone in the world will decay fast.

But I agree that there needs to be an easier way for new players to learn about the decay system. It’s got to be the most common thing I answer, over and over and over in global, usually because people are learning the hard way.

Maybe it should be a journey step.


Yup. For a feature as counter-intuitive and unique(ish), not to mention potentially devastating, the decay feature is not well explained AT ALL.

It evolved into the game and was so un-nerfed it got in all kinds of trouble.

I followed the decay - i am an expert in it by now, and still i lost all kinds of builds to it.
The amount of miles i walked checking my bases , and still do, is gigantic.

On our server we agreed that FC must hate me lol.

How in the world would it be possible for newbies to anticipate in this in like the 167 hours they have to learn about it.

Yes. easy accessable ingame decay-info is missing and desperately needed.

Decay is a legit enemy!
Add working purges to that… and… just think about that lol in this newbie context lol.

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