Lost months worth of loot to bug

Game mode: Online Pvp official server #3878
Problem: Lost all items in vaults right outside my base.
Region: [Here]

I had 5 vaults right outside my base filled with all of my loot that I’ve collected over the course of 3-4 months that I put down just yesterday. I log in today, played for about 30 minutes and I get a server reset notice earlier than usual. I log off, and get on 45 minutes after the first 10 minute notice showed.

I walk outside my base and 4 of the 5 vaults have completely disappeared, i go to the spot where my vaults once stood only to see my last vault turn into a loot bag. As im looking through the contents of the bag it disappears, and Im left with completely nothing. Months of playing, grinding, and fighting, I’m left with nothing. If it were a raid, I would understand but it was a server reset bug, and thats something i cannot stand.

MY ONE QUESTION IS. Can i do anything to get my stuff back?


Nope, it’s gone forever. You need to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to guarantee anything in this game. And even then you’ll probably lose stuff anyway.

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I feel for you, really.
Happened to me as well, “luckily” with “just” 2 chests filled with high end materials …have spent “only” a couple of weeks to gather them.
Placed, stored the mats inside, played for a couple of hours, official server went down, restarted…nothing there, all vanished.
The funny thing is that there are white-knights that keep creating topics like “stop complaining !”.
CE is one of the most beautiful games I ever played, and hands down THE most frustrating one I ever played.


Jeezus man, I feel you, but stopped being angry at these problems months ago.
It will never get ok… ever.
These issues never stopped and every patch somehow “evolved” them in different versions, all I can say is to not overload the game with stuff (just like Fallout 4 build limits) because it will probably crack down sooner or later.

Of course one of the most loved things in this game is the possibility of free building almost everywhere and almost anything… but game can’t simply bear it and we have to deal with it.

Yeah, all my big boobied mama thralls usually turn into old dudes, then just magically disappear. It really ■■■■■■ me off, but i still like the game

Thanks for all the replies. Sucks to know this glitch is irreversible. Cheers.


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