The vaults are too weak, the cheater destroys 8 vaults in 20 minutes without bombs

Server 1088 has a cheating bikini bottom clan. Yesterday, they destroyed at least eight vaults by cheating and using our own bombs from our base. The vaults were destroyed without bombs, you can be sure, because there is no damage to the foundations next to some of the vaults. Attached is a picture of the place where the vaults were destroyed and screenshots of the event log.

It would be important for the game that these scams be prevented, otherwise it will happen that no honest player will play the game.

Are you sure the vaults didn’t decay?
If the decay timer reaches 0 you can destroy anything without bombs

If you sure it wasn’t decay contact zendesk

It was my clan mate raiding this with a treb and stone bolders :'D he was literally farming stone in between otherwise it would have been even faster. Why would we use bombs on a vault if a treb with stone bolders does almost the same amount of damage maybe even more.

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The changes to the game have then made the game really miserable, even if the vaults break down with a few stones :frowning:
Apparently I’m really starting to have time to end this lousy game.

Amen to that, everything is slanted towards helping the raider, defenders just get shafted.

I hope you’ll stick around a little longer.

But really I’m nearly of the same mind, I’m waiting to see what 3.0 has to offer.


with a treb it takes right at 25 boulders to destroy a vault. with proper planning 8 vaults in 20 minutes would is very possible. get set up ahead of raid time and let those boulders fly

Except for that hour long prep time for your treb that because quite obvious what you are doing.

yeah, but i’ve still done it plenty of times without being spotted until it was too late. we also like to farm the boulders at another location, set up a treb at you base and stock up

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