Silent Legion Armor, is it now Trash? Lets Compare it!

After the ninja update to the Silent Legion Gear it looks to be not the best in game anymore. I tested the Armor with two other sets of heavy. One being the Flawless Heavy and the other Flawless from the DLC (Khitan Imperial).

Zero Attributes added, just the bonus Attributes from the set.

1. Silent Legion, 720 Armor Value, +2… Str, Vit, Acc, Grit, Encum, Total Damage Reduction (TDR) 74%, 3-4 Heat Resistance (Seems buggy with the heat/cold stats) sometimes it shows 4 bars other times it only shows 3 bars…funny fact, remove just the chest piece and the heat resistance shows MAX on the stat page.

2. Flawless Heavy set, 800 Armor Value, +9… Encumbrance, TDR 76%, MAX heat Resistance.

3. Flawless Khitan Imperial set (DLC), 800 Armor Value, +9… Encumbrance, TDR 76%, MAX cold Resistance

As for health, Silent Legion only added 10-15 more points…due to the bonus Vit.

So there you have it…Comments, what do you think.

Also, with the change of having to use star metal to make/repair and seems to be missing at the moment from the game…one has to wonder why you would still use this. Kinda like the obisidan stuff.


SL has two heat-resist ticks per piece. That means 10 ticks vs heat. It also has 10 character points, distributed across 5 traits/pieces. Seems pretty consistent.

Flawless Heavy has 1 tick vs heat per piece, for a total of 5. It adds 9 points to Encumbrance.

Flawless Cimmerian Heavy is 5 cold ticks, adds 9 points to Vitality.

Flawless Stygian Heavy is 5 hot ticks, adds 9 points to Agility.

Flawless Khitan is 10 cold ticks, adds 9 points to Encumbrance.


I think the reduced stats were needed, but I would like to see it have the most armor in the game, maybe 900? It is the hardest one to make after all.


It was 900 before nerf.

The PvP folks ALLLLLLL wanted the SL nerfed, and they succeeded with flying colors.

I still consider SL a good suite of armor, cuz it’s versatile and it’s an amazing Cryo-suite for volcano.


Thanks for the list.

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It was 900, If you were to add points into Agility you could bump it up to over 950 and 79% TDR.

Silent legion has a -5 heat modifier per piece. So -25 for a full set. The UI indicator is useless, being insufficiently granular or bounded.

Edit: well, I say that, but they don’t seem to have pushed out dev kit update before they all went on holiday for a month at the same time. So who knows what’s actually on live atm.

I suppose it’s possible that nothing changed with respect to the public modding stuff though.

Ok, lets forget about the heat value…what about the armor and TDR value in general?

The reason I offered the list is because I wanted to show that we have standard cold and standard hot. Then we have ultra cold and ultra hot. If you ditch the heat properties, you miss the big picture.

Silent is valuable because of its +10 heat potential. On the other end of the scale is Khitan with +10 points in cold, but no similar reduction in armor, plus a unified 9 points in Encumbrance. IMO Silent is great where it is now.


Still one of most easy epic gears to craft, have and learn. Comparing with the other 2 that needs at least a lvl 4 armorer and to buy a DLC, or other sets that needs more peculiar materials to craft. It is still a very useful/needed piece of gear in the volcano.

The bad thing is that it is too “cool” to be just a cooling armor =), but the nerf was really needed and maybe now people will stop to all look like the dragonborn =p.

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What use is the extra cold/heat resistance though (not counting Cold Resistance + Encumbrance as an advantage to farming in general), outside of maybe mixing different kind of armors?
I mean, I run through the Volcano with the Flawless Heavy Set and never go over Very Hot. The same with the Flawless Kambujan Set and Very Cold (ok, I think the frozen water may have dropped me to Extremely Cold).
Both effects are pretty negligible in their current state.

Or is there something I’m overlooking?

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Gotcha, but at the moment all Temp ranges are bugged and who knows when a fix will come. Ppl who have heat resistance living in the desert are still getting fried and even standing next to a fire could raise your temp.
But having a double tick is nice. Just don’t see any need for it now… and I really don’t see a need for it when you unlock the impreious perk. I live in the highlands next to the snow biom. Used SL gear up until this last update. Never had a problem being cold for wearing gear that is supposed to be for heat.
I see the big pic…armor and resistance is messed up. Just look at the values for the DLC stuff along with the cost of building matterials and say it isn’t so.

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While is negligible is nice to have a lower temp so you will drink less water. I usually walk in volcano with silent legion AND mistmourne to avoid the annoying increased need for water. On cold side I dont know, you can walk nude all the time with vit 3, so out of pvp is really a bit pointless.

The inference, I think, and this is also a nod to @Sagranda is that we may see a reason for these armor values to be present. If you look at Mistmourn and Solspeil, shields, you’ll see there are five temperature ticks to them. Five default temp values per standard armor plus 5 in the shield.

To me, that means ultimately we’ll have max temps at 11, with armor only ever going to 10. If you can scrounge a shield, great, otherwise, go for the best armor for the temp.*

* For now, go for perks and looks!

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Along with sl how hard did the weapons get hit

I agree to disagree. Yes, the best armor for the environment. But after the recent change to armor values and TDR…one has to wonder. What I’m saying, they are other gear sets now to consider and not just SL for everything.

You are correct the way it is now. I like to get my mind wrapped around future metas so they don’t bite me. Also, I’m trying to prepare everybody to get into that Aquilonian DLC, because like a lot of others I’m getting mine for free and it could change things significantly. :smiley:

Although it was arena combat, I recently had some fun in the Booj vs Silent Legion. We were assigned random chests on drop-in to the battlefield. It was surprising pre-patch how much of an advantage Kambujan already had.

I compared the amount of water I have to drink while working under normal temperature and when I’m at Very Hot.
The amount was so low that I never bothered thinking about it again.
It may be nice to some, but I personally wouldn’t say that this adds currently something valuable to the armor.
If the effect would force me to drink more than the one we have right now, then yeah.

I admit that this is a possibility. It may also just be an oversight or something that gets (or already got) scraped along the way. We don’t know.
That’s my personal issue with the whole thing. In the game’s current state, those heat/cold values don’t really mean anything.
Should we ever get to a point where we actually have those heat/cold levels though, then it will look way differently.

I may have missed some changes than. Last time I went to the volcano with my flawless heavy armor it got really annoying when i needed to shelter the shield and take a torch. Without the shield but with SL when I put the gas mask and forget to put the helmet back it annoys alot too. With the shield and the armor, i usually search and “tame” 4 lvl 3 thralls and put it in my wheel without the need of a single drop of water. That never happens when I’m out of that config like forgetting to swap back the helmet or when I need to work at night :smile:

I don’t think comparing silent to cold gear is the way to go. There is no equivalent in heat resistance to silent. A better comparison would be to gear that does heat resistance I think.

Because if I was a speculating kind I would think all gear will be nerfed over time when ever a new dlc comes in order to make that new dlc gear desirable.