Silent Legion Armor, is it now Trash? Lets Compare it!



This what happen’s when Gaming companies that put out Game that support PVP & PVE… pvp player’s with there cry baby crap ohh gear too hard to dp enemy ohhh weapons to & players heal to fast stop it stop it with cry baby voice behind it all. Now Patch that supposed balance out so called game breaks game every where else. Like it or not has both populations instead adding on privately own pvp server’s to take away from gear & weapons that fix those babies crying & left crap like it was for rest of us.


So one would rather just breeze through a game with no challenge then have the excitement of possibly dieing and never getting your gear back is what I’m getting from the last comment. No wounder why you play pve.


Bug off see what crappy cry baby pvp players did with complaining about making changes. U ever expression don’t fix what’s not broken. See those wise words something u never understand. Leave well enough alone to make simple for types like u.


Lol if you feel that way then you go play minecraft


Meh, he needs some ‘sims’, crying like an baby about set which useful only for thralls :smiley:


So lets get real ill ask one question for you and the answer is not the looks. What makes silent legion so great that you hate the nurf? Is it cuz of the armor class, the dmg reduction, the 15 to stats well ill give you 12 since accuracy isn’t worth it, or is it with only this armor you can’t die easy to npcs?


Are you like ten years old? Grow up. The imbalances of the stats on all gear is a concern for both PvE and PvP. Yes, they should separate the two modes and balance each differently, but that comes at a greater cost in production and less bug fixes. With that being said, it’s PvE, you can kill even volcano mobs with stone weapons, while naked, without them ever getting a chance to attack; these balances really don’t have as much an impact as you think they do for PvE.

This is coming from a player who plays on a PvP server but almost exclusively PvEs.


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