Silent Legion armor value not upgraded

The Silent Legion is still at 880 where as the Arena Champion and the other top heavy armours are at 960

How is your silent legion over 800? My full stack with armor plating only gets me 777.

Because of your plating… Funcom is just Funcom. I have no words left anymore.

Enough people reported that bug in the last patch and nothing changed with the new one…


Thanks Jot i didnt even know about that…just makes ya
shake your head and laugh

wait what WOW, i wasted so much time gathering resources to make sure I get full plating on SLs to give to my thralls.

This has always been the case with modded stuff after a buff/nerf. But it usually works in the players favor (modding a wepaon that gets nerfed later usually means your modded one keeps the OG stats). No one complained too much about it then. If they fix this, they will “fix” all those as well. then the forum will be in an uproar because OG modded sword of croms lose the 120 Damage.

That would be the right thing to do. Having a 120+ SoC is sort of an exploit and def gives those people an unfair advantage over others who don’t. Also being forced to craft more armor sets cause otherwise would be at a disadvantage vs those same after patch armor sets is just wrong

Nerfs and buffs should be retroactive. Nothing more to say.

With thralls FC also handles it like that (vastis removed and Banditleader nerfed and volcano fighters buffs) but not with weapons…


i agree, just warning of an impending angry mob storm lol.

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