Silent Legion armor stats not upgraded

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The Silent Legion is at 880 where as the Arena Champion and all other flawless epics have been buffed to 960
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Hey @Huntsmanlance

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll poke our team to see if this is intentional or not.

you have said from new crafter silent legion or old silent legion crafted before patch?
i think that old armors retain old values as our flawless reptilian gauntless :wink:

Silen legion is on par with exceptional armors, it is not a flawless set anymore.

I am talking about the set before the patch. I havent tried to make a new set because the Arena Champion set and all the other flawless epics made before the patch changed to 960

And i dont understand why the Legion armor wouldnt be changed when the Arena is. They are both end of a dungeon rewards

Because silent legion is kinda cheap to craft, compared to godbreaker for example.

Also silent legion is only “HIGH” anymore. Godbreaker is legendary tier.

At least the legendary is way better than “high” tier. Than you look at middle armor and at Sobek, which is legendary too and is just a joke after the nerf.

Thanks guys. I seriously thought it was just an oversight. I don’t like it but understand now! lol

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