DLC - Armor (Updated/Answered)

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Problem: [Money]
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Thank you for nerving the DLC armor, that was the reason to get DLC for me. Can I now get my money back or reverting this change?

This is not the product I bought in the first place, I’m not using it for show.

*Great point, didn’t think about this in the first place Funcom?
If I were an American citizen, I would won a law suit for this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Money & buy DLC.

is dlc armour nerfed? how? i may have missed something

Could you refer to the version number and change made in the future?

I am assuming you mean this change in the Update 38 patch notes:

DLC Armors should no longer differ from basegame armors in terms of amount of temperature protection.

(direct link)

The following can be said about the patch notes:

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In the past, players have complained that DLC armors were in some cases superior to normal armor. They are not supposed to be, as they are cosmetic. This is explicitly stated on steam and also noted here: Downloadable Content - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
The change with Update 38 seems to have been noted down incorrectly in the patch notes. What happened is that the normal armors were ‘buffed’ to dlc armor. See the following links for more details:

This thread is related to these ongoing discussions:

Not important - this closed thread discussed Silent Legion armor: Silent Legion armor stats not upgraded

These threads are a continuation from the following TestLive thread:

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Please note, information in this thread may have changed in the Live update.

This change is at least partially intended. I would suggest leaving a reply in one of the ongoing discussion threads or creating one yourself.

PS: I am aware that PC and PS4 have different version numbering systems, the Update name is a collective name for all patches with the same content.

dlc is not nerfed as i can see… the free armours r buffed to be on par
so tbh i see no nerfing on what i paid for. i am glad that normal armours r on par with the dlc ones! it was anyways clarified from the beggining that the dlc is not intended to give any advantages , but to be cosmetic stuff

Thank you for your awesome explaination, in details!
No I mean the latest patch.

I found out that I had a bug, this happened 2 days in a row now.
I have flawless aquilonian, when going for Black Ice in frost temple, I normally go with “light warming” up food, the last 2 days I will die of frostbite which wasn’t the case before, unless I don’t use “light warming” food for warming up.

I don’t know why, but I just reinstalled the game (initialized Playstation) and I don’t have the problem anymore.

I was shoocked in the first place, thank you all for the explaination and thinking with me here, I’m glad this is over for me.

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