Sobek armor.. Really FC?

Hi. About Sobeks armor…

Not only did the nerf reduce the armor value, no it even reduced the durability…
And every ■■■■■■■■ piece got heavier TOO!! WHY?

Let us just take a look at the chestpiece.
26.05 weight (up from 20.84), 162armor (down from 200), 4050 durability (down from 6750) and +1 vit. No heat protection. And as it is legendary, you need a legendary repair kit.

And then DLC chestpiece:
17.36 weight, 154armor, 1350 durability and +2 vit. Also it has heat-protection. You need frickin iron and hardened leather and not a damn kit…

I mean I get it, Funcom, for you the old Sobek was too good. But NOW??? During the patch notes I only looked at the armor value and the reduce amount of +Vit.

But why make it heavier? Why reduce durability??

Also who made this nerf?
Can that person talk with the person who initially added it to the game? So that they can make a real balance and not make the armor a waste of space…


the combat seem to be headed in a new direction from the stream they did last week (or 2 weeks ago). They are trying to class weapons, and my guess they are starting to tweak the armors. Problem lies that the changes they are doing can only really be tested in live, open game play. The bad is that it effects us with our live stuff, so any things we don;t like get accentuated even worse. They really need a arena test live server and let a few “volunteers” on testing the different scenraios and tweaks to get a real feel for op v useless, etc.

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It feels like there are 2-5 different people working on the same thing, but they dont talk to each other and everyone has their own “vision of the game”, which they will not tell anyone else and for sure not the community!

The perfect example is the Annihilator. AP has dimishing returns, so 100% ap never bypasses all armor.
It had the legendary effect, which ignores all armor! I even said in one thread, they should nerf the AP% because this will NOT CHANGE anything at all (I was sarcastic at this time)…
And yeah, it was even a thread by you @zerog
Annihilator and Worldbreaker :smiley: :smiley:

But it looks like, that the guy who nerfed Annihilator didnt know that. And also not about the weapon Worldbreaker, which results in that outcome. Something which makes no sense…

The same with Sobek. The description said, it has good armor and therefore it is heavier.
Now the armor-value is closely the same like normal epic-flawless, but it got even heavier?!?

Was this patch made but the sommer-interns? Because it really feels like that.

for one time i agree with you zerog

Nice very Nice

yes i confirm, any troll can post very toxic stuffs on glassdoor, and glassdoor will refuse to do anything even when it’s clear that it’s done to harm, so glassdoor review is really not to take serioulsy

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NOW it still has more armor value than a flawless epic and triple the durability. It weighs significantly more and has a smaller stat bonus, and has no heat protection.

I other words, it’s not the best medium armor in everything. It’s still the best in some regards. It’s definitely a big drop in efficiency, but it feels like now it’s a tradeoff for better armor and higher durability at the expense of increased weight and less stat bonuses. The heat bonus is largely irrelevant around most of the map.

Legendary repair kits are pretty easy to get. Anyone who can kill the Sobek boss (or rather, the annoying minions accompanying him) can kill a dude in the Unnamed City for a repair kit.

So yeah, maybe the nerf was a bit exaggerated, but so is your reaction to it. It’s not like they made Sobek armor worse than a craftable armor in every regard.

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It doesn’t ignore armor. That is just text that wasn’t removed. The Annihilator is just now a sword with 33AP. The Worldbreaker was not changed at all.

When it came out it had no temperature protection for hot or cold. It is somewhere in the description that it gives no temperature bonus. This was before the recent patch. I get what your saying about it being heavier and yet lass protective but the temperature argument is a bit misplaced.

It has 2 more armor points and has what benefits? Its heavier and only +1 stat, whereas most have +2.
And yeah, the durability is still high, but its not worth it.

I dont want to waste my weight on an armor which has more negative things than positive.

FC should make the cave or the drop only at Lvl60. Because I think that was the main problem… you can have an armor which was better than all endgame armors way before Lvl60.

I understand this. It’s a matter of preference. I wouldn’t, either, because the weight is so much. That said, durability is definitely a factor in items I use regularly. My favorite weapon is the Akbitanan daggers - they have less damage than some daggers, less armor penetration than some daggers, they’re not permanently poisoned, etc. But they’re very durable. In this particular context, the extra durability is the deciding factor for me.

If I used medium armors, durabiilty might be a deciding factor for me here, too. But because I’m mainly a light armor player, weight is such a major deciding factor that I wouldn’t pick Sobek’s.

Haha, I wanna see you fighting in heavy on hardcore pvp servers :smiley:

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Same lol

been like that for quite a while now. last time something good came out of funcrom was when they nerfed the godlike hp regen on the lifebloodspear. other than that nothing good

Lol in the beginning i was pretty good at it, but lately ive fallen into the light/medium armor crowd. But I can at least land hits with swords and greatswords now which seems like an improvement

Strength + Accuracy builds can be helpful.

Its a touch glass cannon, but I have been getting by on it for a long long time.

If cripple wasn’t broken I could do much much more damage.

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