BUG report - purge armorer cant make redeemed silent legion

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Our Purge armorer named “Saken Bristlebeard” cant make redeemed silent legion armor anymore after update… is this intended ?
Please fix ASAP … :slight_smile:

My t4 thrall can’t craft any flawles DLC armor anymore, since today.

Since there is a lack of official updates, I’ll post what I’ve heard. Seems any non-standard recipe doesn’t register during a lag spike, even library recipes. Not sure what your ping is, but I can’t even play because mine is over 400ms across all servers. My guess is whatever is going on is causing high ping, which if you can even get in the game will cause lag spikes/unresponsiveness from servers (for example, connecting to the database to get what recipes you can/can’t use). Basically the game doesn’t get a response in the designated window from anything server side, so it doesn’t register.

I’m just a sofware engineer, so no need to take my word for it, but seeing as there is a lack of official response thought I’d try to guess what is happening :laughing:

Either way, hope it gets figured out soon, I’d like to play one of my favorite games while on vacation…

i would spawn the armorer in singleplayer and check if it has the recipe there before i posted

Its still bugged. But I found a temporary fix for it… take the thrall out and put it in again and it works.
If my clan mate then open the workstation while I use it, it will bug out sometimes and then I cant see it…

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