Flawless dlc armor recipes gone

Game mode: [ Online official ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [Europe]

[After the update yesterday T4 thrall can’t craft any flawless DLC armor in improved armorer’s bench.UPDATE: The already crafted flawless DLC armor cannot be repaired as well, it’s showing a message: “You do not have the expertise to repair this item”.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

I see all the flawless DLC armors. Have you by any chance reset your feats and forgot to get the lvl 60 armor feat (Exile Epics)?

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If the feats are not missing as @Narelle asked, then try removing the thrall from the artisan slot and replacing him back into. If that doesn’t work, please let us know after the next time your server resets whether the crafting ability has returned.

I didn’t reset my feats, the recipes were just gone. Some of them appeared for a short period of time and disappeared again. However, I just logged in and it seems to be all back to “normal”, I can see the recipes and I can repair the armor again.

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Ok, I just replicated this one without actually trying. It seems that if the server hits a high lag spike, some recipes desync from the crafting benches. I repaired one flawless hardened axe before we got hit by a huge lag spike, but couldn’t repair the second one, with the message that I didn’t have the knowledge to do so. I relog and the server was fine, meaning no lag and it let me repair the second axe.

Ps- forgot to add. Resetting the thrall did nothing to solve this, the recipe was there, I can see it, I just couldn’t repair the axe after the lag spike hit.

same problem at server #1025

I’d check, but I can’t even log in with my 500ms+ ping…

As someone who has spent very little time playing on servers, what does a high lag spike look like? How would I recognize it happening?

Game crawls to 1-2 FPS, you rubberband, and opening menus takes forever, if you open the debug console, you will see the latency of the server over 500 ping, that’s what I call a high lag spike.


Today Morning i can repair flawless axe, next try i cant. …confused…

You pretty much have to take the thrall out of the work station and put it back in every time the recipes disappear. It is disappearing for me pretty often, so this is how I get it to work again.

On top of what everyone else said, if you’re on PC, you can also turn on the debug HUD by using the console command ToggleDebugHUD (press ~, type ToggleDebugHUD and press enter). This will show some debug info on your screen that is useful to have. In the upper right corner, you’ll see your ping and the server FPS.

When a lag spike hits, you’ll see your ping get much higher (and its color should go yellow or even red). When there’s a server load spike, you’ll see the server FPS go drastically down (maybe even to single digits) and there’s a chance your ping will also go up.

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This is a known issue on Private servers. Get over 25 players on with a moderate Mod List, and inventory bugs will have invisible items in your inventory, and feats missing that should be there.

For the missing feats, you can wait till there is less traffic on the server, or wait for a reset.

Inventory issues usually happen when you have a high quantity of items in a container. This can be your personal inventory, or any bench, or box. Work arounds include dumping inventory into a new container or smaller container, and having a friend pick it all up and replace into box. If that doesn’t work, pulling bracelet, relogging, restarting Steam, etc, ad nauseum. There are many different things to try in this case.

I had the same problem. Fixed it by swapping a T3 thrall on another workbench with my T4 thrall on the main workbench (edit) and then swapping them back. You could also try picking up the bench and placing it back down.

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