Is there a reason to wear anything but heavy armor?


I’m bored with seeing the Silent Legion tank build are there any other practical options.

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Light armor and a spear sprinkled with git gud.
Having high mobility creates an advantage when skilled.


Yes mobility can be godlike just go dagger build and dot them up whilst staying out of range.

Also climbing in heavy armor is a right pain.

Having your regen cancelled out in the cold because you hit frostbite faster wearing silent legion is also a thing once the healing bug gets fixed properly.

I’m a roller… I won’t touch silent legion. Especially once you get hit with negative status effects. Epic light can still give you 40%+ damage reduction with a good build for fighting, and epic medium even higher. You just need to play around a bit, find someone who’s willing to do some fun pvp with and toy with different ideas. It’s fun.

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Had a huge 3 hour long raid/counter raid today.

I got killed two times during the first half hour with epic light and medium armor on me, switched to silent legion and absolutely destroyed everybody.

In my opinion heavy armor sets are OP and should get a speed/armor nerf.

Don’t do this to someone using a tank build. A bug causes armor to reduce damage from DoTs currently. Poison, Bleed, Noxious Gas, Sandstorm, Hunger, Thirst, Extremely Hot/Cold, Frostbite, and Heatstroke all have damage reduced by armor.


I use medium armor and daggers and I kill lots of people in legion armor it’s all about your build and if you can play it correctly

That’s the way I felt for a while but then I got tired of never being able to carry anything and trying to climb things like the Bat Tower.

Most of the time now, I use medium armor and a bow and then finish off with close combat and a lot of dodging.

What I hate is how clunky the combat feels up close.

I’ve tried every weapon that I can make up to level 45 and none of them have a crisp feel that feels like I’m in charge.

You push the button and then wait for something to happen.

I remember the combat in the old Conan game, I wish it was more like that.

With close combat sometimes your lucky to get off a hit at all.

If I’m doing something wrong I’m open to suggestion, I hate the fact that it won’t let you move sideways in combat, what’s natural about that.

That’s why I use daggers. You are more agile and have faster attacks than heavy weapons. Well at least it seems that way to me.

Daggers seem to have the fastest response time. I start attack with light then heavy heavy then light. Doing it that way seems to work best for in and out attacks.

I’ll give that a try tomorrow, daggers are about the only thing I haven’t tried.

It just didn’t seem logical to use daggers against armored foes with swords,

I wonder when they will introduce sorcery?

I also don’t like the fact that I can’t start a new character on my same server.

Maybe if they introduce it, I’ll try doing the offline bit.


except most people in heavy armor dont use heavy weapons.

they use a one handed weapon (axe/sword) and a shield.

Even then I still prefer daggers with bleed and poison stacked I don’t need to be close for long to kill them

Heavy armor make you slow and fill up most of youre bag inv…

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Poison only lasts for like 3 hits.

There is no reason to use any other armor then Silent Legion. You can do dagger build IN Silent Legion.

To loose vs. a dagger build while using a silent legion armor you have to:

a) be in 50 encumbrance build
b) be braindead
c) have a stroke

Well to each there own but I know for a fact I have killed several players wearing silent armor. I have yet to wear it. And all those that depend on it’s armor rating to survive PvP will be in major hurt if it’s ever nerfed. I don’t fear PvP someone in silent for simple fact most using it can’t PvP they stand and swing have no talent in movement fighting and can’t handle someone who can move in hit Dodge and hit again. There are several ways to kill a player in silent armor if you know how. I have a few sets of it now and haven’t even been to black keep to get it. Gas orbs,bow,and daggers and I wager I can beat most in PvP . Only challenge I have is someone who actually knows how to move instead of just swing.

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PvP is all me and my friends do if not fighting someone else we are fighting one another for the practice.

Yes practis and learn its the way. And armorstyle depends on youre fightingstyle. And its werry expensiv to lern that by (try to) atack other Clans.

Yes im not good om pvp so i know when to run, and yes you can run alot faster in L-armor.

Silent Legion is the best Armor for a few situations. Mainly frontline brawler in raiding PVP scenarios where you need to be able to take hits without dying. And dueling.

I only use Silent Legion when I need to be able to take hits. Such as a situation where my clan doesn’t have everyone on and its just me and one or two others. But if we raid with more than 3, I’m usually in some form of light armor for climbing purposes.

Medium armor isn’t a bad idea if you have to run frequently back and forth between points or generally need movement.

Last time I fought someone in Silent Legion and I was in light, they never landed a hit on me. I was able to force them to run away and eventually they got blown up by orbs I threw at them.