Heavy armor - any of you wear it?

I know that on our private servers no one ever wears heavy armor and my brief forays into the public servers have revealed the same thing.

So I’m wondering if anyone wears heavy armor? Seems a shame, some of it looks so good.

Yes, only losers need to dodge/roll.

Never Surrender!

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Back when i was playing often, i noticed that in PvP most players choose Medium and light over Heavy, reason is there are no gap closers. The combat animations lock you on the spot when you chase down and attack immediately. If wearing light or medium you can roll out faster and than someone wearing heavy armor.

Wearing a heavy armor usually means you are gonna take all the hits. Heavy armor as i remember doesn’t protect you from bleeds, you can stack bleeds with the stone daggers against someone with a high end heavy armor set.


I use it for thrall farming with an agility build. . But not lately since thralls do it better.

Otherwise it’s light or medium…

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I play on a private server, and heavy armor is what I use

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Medium is the best armor, but my encumbrance is too low to carry two sets of armor so I wear heavy armor and so does my thrall.

I might rethink it though. I can still kick butt with heavy armor on in PvP but I’m alot better wearing medium.

I have to say i agree with your entire post lol. If you’re wearing heavy armor grit is crazy important since you have to dodge a few times to escape groups, and bleed is definitely your worst enemy. Medium armor is a lot easier to manage.

But thralls operate the same no matter what and kinda rely on that heavy armor. For a well rounded PvP/adventure build it’s kinda tough to come up with a balance that doesn’t require exceptional emcbrance.

Unless someone has a better way…

I do, it’s mostly about timing.


i play on an official pve-c server, i do use it but not as my main armor, it really depends on what im doing, for thrall hunting is good, for some dungeons is good too if you can keep your thrall alive, for PVP is definitively not an option. too heavy, not enough damage resistance, bleed will kill you, stagger is the same, dodge is too short, climbing drains too much stamina, is more expensive to make… it has too many flaws, i’m not saying is imposible to pvp in it, but light and medium have it easier.

as many things in this game, it needs some revision, an adjustment or two, in the meanwhile, i rather use medium armor


As a solo I keep Heavy of each climate type on five or six thralls at every base. If for some reason I need to use Heavy (as in I died) I can pick a piece from each thrall without depleting my ranks too much. Then I run back and gather my guts and whatever is left of my stuff.

I use heavy armor alot as i usaly use sword and board or daggers. It helps reduce damage when against shield breakers and the daggers let you do full back flips instead of the kick

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I dont pvp, so mostly wear light, with mix of medium for cosmetics.

good ol dodge and roll saves the day. XD

Few of New Dungeons thou, I have Legs or Chest piece on for extra def.

I use heavy armor, have been since I first got the game though I use a sword and shield as well with it for extra defense once enemies get to close for me to use the bow.

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I like wearing heavy armor for more protection, but the inability to dodge properly kinda ruins it for me.

I wear heavy armor, but I can have a higher level due to a mod on my private server, and thus have the attribute points to mitigate the penalty…

I feel like this is honestly a question that can only be answered by, use whatever armor your comfortable with. I personally don’t like the inability to roll, so I run two light armor sets, one for each temp. mainly because even if I take too much damage, I’ve got so much Ambrosia and Aloe Extract, I’m not worried about rolling out to heal because of how far I get. some people would rather tank hits while others would rather dodge around them. however, in PVE it does seem to have some importance, as most people have said.

Use daggers and hit the kick key :wink: always a full dodge away with them

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I mostly wear it when I’m going into a dungeon and I know I’m going to be taking a beating. If I’m just out and about I usually go for the light armor so I can be a slippery little stab machine.

This shouldnt work with daggers

Mrs does all over.
I wear Royal medium unless something nasty enough comes along, then there are 3 sets right inside the door.