I have 2 questions about armor in PVE

Are all armor types (light, medium, heavy) viable for all content? Generally whats the best type of armor to use? I’m trying to decide based on looks but is there a massive difference in movement/stamina usage between heavy and medium?

Does the bonus stats on armor make a big difference on thralls?

Side note: There are 4 of us playing so I am assuming we won’t have too much trouble with any content.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, but your personal skills will matter. You will need better reaction time and familiarity with enemy move sets to use light armor, where as heavy will allow you to mess up more (and medium is in between - obviously).

See the wiki on this. I wrote that section, so there is no point in repeating myself.

Not if the bonus stats are Grit or Encumbrance. :wink:
Otherwise, they can, depending on the thrall. A tougher thrall (e.g. Votery of Skelos) is going to be affected far more than a weak thrall (e.g. Exile).


So not much different than say dark souls games. I’ll stick with medium/heavy for now. I’m fairly new and mainly curious for how armor looks rather than other aspects at the moment lol.

This wiki post is pretty helpful nice work. It seems it effects stamina regen rather than consumption which is not what I expected. i think I will test out Heavy armor for a while. Trying not to waste resources on making too many epic sets but owell it seems easy enough to farm with 4 of us haha.

I’m running with a treasure hunter relic seeker thrall at the moment. My next question, is it necessary to use stat boosts? I want to go for looks also. If it’s necessary then I will just use the proper armor when going to face bosses and for looks the rest of the time.

Again thanks this was very helpful

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A high quality thrall can take nearly any boss in the game single-handedly.

As long as you don’t plan on fighting the infamous Arena Champion regularly, you can go for looks rather than stats.


I think @Tephra covered you beautifully, so I will share only my game play without saying that this is the option, it is just my option and nothing more than that. Light armors will make you a better fighter and train you better avoiding damage by learning all the moves the mobs have. Medium armors will do almost the same with more safety. Heavy armors will make you a bit lazy and more brutal to fights, wearing an epic heavy armor set you can engage with less fear. Same goes with thralls. If your thrall does not make a lot of damage you will have to engage more or if it makes a lot with a good hp pool you can step aside and drink a coffee :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So the way I see it your chooses about armors and thralls are effecting how you want to play your game today. Easy, normal, hard :wink:. In any case is how you have fun what matters the most. I love light armors because I play with a female character and light armors are damn sexy (please don’t take this comment as a sexist statement, but as a compliment to the designers).
Now about buffs.
The game has perks in every attribute. So buffs will help you succeed a better quality of “life” in the game. What I mean by that is that yesterday I decided to farm some stones for 45 minutes. One of the best places to farm stones is volcano (in exile lands) . In places like this you will need to go prepared, you cannot trust bedrolls since the temperature effects are so extreme that if for some reason you have a delay on loading you will find your self dieing constantly. So using buffs, a good set of armor and tools oiled you can farm 50-52 stones in a hit and at the same time to defeat any enemy that goes in your way. You will tell me, I took a relic hunter with me, he will do the job :man_shrugging:… Hmmm not actually, right now the agro of npcs is a bit unpredictable, so being able to defend your self is the best option always. So buffs are (for me) really necessary when I play, actually I buff my self even from the beginning of the game by farming alcohol, or fixing it when I have the lvl. A little extra strength and vitality cannot harm after all :wink:.

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If you want have best just go for light armor crafted with t4 armorer and bulked plating modification.
You don’t want to go for heavy / medium as armor % differennce is barely visible but with light armor you regen stamina faster and can roll more times which is cruicial even in pve as taking hits from npc lead to stagger, only way to get out is to roll. If you don’t have access to armorer / bulked plating you could go for basic heavy armor until then.


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