Stamina, Armor and you

Why i feel, that Light and Medium armor are kinda waste compared with the huge Heavy Armor Defense combined with nearly the same stamina regen rate like light and medium?!

There is only a bonus in Armor Penetration if you wear Light or Medium but thats all.
Cause of the huge stamina drain while fighting, the 20% bonus damage to combo attacks looks also wasted.

Owns Light/Medium still a place in the Conan World? :frowning:

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in pvp it makes little difference since rolling thrust is a thing. that increased armor penetration owns hard. besides kurak pants and spider boots are too good to just ignore and both are light armors.
that’s why i am still rocking light kits for pvp and still doing very nice. roll spamming is the meta now and i’ve come to realize that light kits are harder to deal with than heavy kits.

but in pve heavy is the king since most mobs dont have armor pen.

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It matters in dodging. The doge stamina cost is still dependent on armor class. The rest of dodging involves encumbrance level (which heavy armor weighs more) but the initial cost is around 30% difference if I remember the math right between light and heavy

In PvE, you shouldn’t get hit in the first place, or you get hit so rarely that you don’t need to worry about dying. You can still get to ~65 % damage reduction with medium armor, and stay unencumbered, or carry more stuff. The biggest drawback of heavy armor is that it’s heavy.

In fact, I used light armor almost exclusively until they released the Skelos Master armor, which has such great stat bonuses that I switched over to medium.

For thralls, the heaviest heavy armor is necessary because the idiots don’t know how to get out of the way when the Red Mama prepared to swing her tail.

I will say though that if your agility is maxed, the delays in dodging is minimal. I’ve been rocking the godbreaker with agility build.

I would read the Armor section on the Conan Exiles Wiki, light armor gets 6 dodges before exhaustion, medium 5, heavy 4 regardless of max stamina as an example of good info on there. It goes more into detail about stamina regen penalties.
Especially when starting damage resistance might seem important, but dodging is the quickest way to get unstaggered and avoid hit 2-3-4.
Also it was mentioned that the armor scales with diminishing returns, heavy armor can get something like 73%, but armor also comes from the grit trait (200 max) and bulked plating mods can add 125. So even a base no thrall crafted light armor with 80 can get 405 armor which is close to 40%. With a crafting thrall can get you close to 50% dr. So then it’s 50% vs 73% dr and 6 dodges vs 4 dodges for light vs heavy.

On paper I totally agree. the 6 is significant. However when you start running it (especially GB armor) get a different picture. If you just roll like a droideka those extra two rolls matter. If you you just roll to get out of the way and then move around, your regen takes care of any further issues.

I was there with you until I saw Mahazioth’s video that recommended to try out it. GB leggings gives you more stamina per tick and mixing that with Grit 10 and agility weapons (whose light attacks barely register as stamina drain), you suddenly are a cuisinart food processor with ungodly armor.

When crafting use scoutwright and then do armor reduction kits on the pieces and they are much more tolerable in weight.

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