Make light/medium armor great again

After December patch all players use heavy armor, I didn’t see players in medium and light (except legendaries) for a long time

Before patch ALL armors were useful - heavy for thralls, light and medium for players.

My propositions:

  1. Light/medium should give more stats
    Heavy for armor, light for stats
  2. Add parameter ‘evasion’ for light/medium, chance to not take damage at all (e.g. 10% for light, 5% for medium)

I think alot of it has to do with the new dodge system not with the stats the armors are giving. One reason for changing the roll was to give heavy armor some love so you can use it for more than just thralls. But now just everyone, thralls and players, are using heavy because you have legit no negative effects while using it so why border running around with 400 armor if you can have 1100 and move the same way.

But yeah I agree, something should be done so all types of armor have their use.


I have to agree with you here 100%. The really only benefit for light and medium depends on the stats. Also medium and light allow me to carry more things I guess.

There is also the speed reduction of wearing heavy. But that hardly seems to matter really.

I even find myself wearing Hyrkanian Armor now. Which is hated. Really really hated. But its accuracy. So yeah. It works.

More weight = less things to carry… Hence why I still run around in medium gear. But its PvE only.

Speaking first for pvp.
If i remember well the most wearable light armor was the flawless epic darfari. I don’t remember other light armor on fights.
Back then the king was medium armors. Most of the pvp players were wearing sobeck.
The reason was ofcurse only the dodge.
Speaking for pve now.
Light armors only to the beginning. By the first choice you had you went medium. Ofcurce after you had your first follower you went heavy, but still you were using medium to alot of cases. The reason ofcurse, the dodge.
Summarize. Only one light set on pvp, for extra strenth, berseker perk and big dodge. Medium armors because you couldn’t dodge with heavy. So other than the dodge what was the value of the other armors before?

Armor is all wrong in Conan. First, it advertises your attribute build, which is just plain wrong. All light armor should start the same, and all medium armor should start the same, and all heavy armor should start the same.

Cold/Heat protection should be one Modification slot.

Extra Armor, reduced weight, gliding joints, etc., should be another slot.

Attribute Boosts should be another slot, with potions made in the cauldron, being what modifies it. The higher level the thrall, the more powerful the boost. This provides 5 levels of perks from potions. No thrall, perk level = 1. Thrall level 4, perk level = 5.

No thrall should be able to make all potions up to their level. But Purge Thralls should have more specializations. It should be like a pyramid for each thrall’s abilities. So a T4 should be able to make every potion to Perk level 2 or 3, many of the higher levels, and just 1 or 2 at perk level 5. Purge Thralls should add specializations.

Heavy, medium, and light armors should have natural characteristics. They do this to some extent as it is. Climbing for instance. But sprinting should be slower and drain more grit, the heavier the armor. Mods and perks could mitigate this some, but heavy armor should still not act completely like light armor. Close but not quite. I think this would give more options to build armor for your play style and weapon choice.


This is the system for armors I’ve been advocating for ages. In addition to what you’ve said the higher tier stuff could require components that are appropriately rare coming from level appropriate drops…ideally things nobody goes to fight now because there is no reward. Like dragons. Or moose. Or those undead turtles. Or Conan!

I didn’t even know the Green Dragon doesn’t give you anything. When I was playing with my friends, I would follow them around the Unnamed City. Now I run it alone. I killed the Green Dragon last night, and was shocked to see it dropped nothing. So like my friends, I will avoid it. I have a head now, so there is no point in fighting it anymore.

Also, most of the bosses in the UC aren’t dropping legendary weapons. I killed many bosses and only one dropped a weapon.

When I ran it with my friends, it was rare that a legendary item didn’t drop.

The whole thing with unnamed city bosses either dropping or not dropping weapons is just shear luck. One day I had two swords of from, helm of brute, quake and shanks drop. The next day I got nothing, their drop rates are the same as they have always been, just depends on how lucky u are. :wink:

Only dodge, so player was more agile for survival. So all armor types were useful - in heavy you are protected, in light you are agile.

Now light/medium are literally unplayable, because enemy thrall kill you with one hit in any armor except heavy.


Not only enemy thralls… on my official server is no one pvping without a horse and in any armor but heavy you are 2 or 3hit.

The whole fighting/armor/dmg thing seems so unbalanced since they changed the roll and brought in horses idk

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Still if you think that before the dodge change, warmakers dungeon didn’t have so many visits, because godbreaker armor was for collectors or for favorite thralls, now it has viable reasons to have this armors. So you cannot have good without evil and otherwise. :wink:

I just read my messages again and i noticed that i forgot to tell you that i agree with your idea for extra perks in lower armors. I think it would motivate the players to wear them again. Sorry i forgot to mention this :+1::+1::+1:

I rarely used heavy armor until the dodge change. Since I am going to get hit anyway
I wear the heavy armor.My dodging skill is erratic. :roll_eyes:

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Im still meeting the same kind of players in warmaker. Nothing changed and I have been through multiple officials the past months. So that’s maybe a personal experience. And a dungeon getting more visitors is not a valid reason for a ongoing armor meta for me, sorry.

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I cannot agree more with you. Ofcurse my answer is coming from personal experience and one reason i thank you 1000 od that ypu are giving to us your point of view that is really important :+1:


Sorry about my fast typing mistakes :joy::joy::joy:

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