Is Heavy Armor good enough yet?

Is heavy armor to the level with the patch buffs to make it viable again? Searching for opinions on if people are using it more or still ignoring it for the most part as before because it is not protecting enough still.

I’m not sure what you mean by “viable”. I use it sometimes, depending on what I’m expecting to face, the environment, and my fashion mood at the time. :wink: I’ve had no issues. The only armor I don’t wear out & about is light, because of my own prejudice against it.

Same… depends what the character is doing.

For pve, long as you’re not getting gang banged, and can shuffle to safety, but it’s also a slight learning curve, can be useful, but situational.

It’s not worth wearing as a player, but it seems pretty good for putting on thralls.

Yeah, I’ve tried several builds in a solo-game using Heavy Armor and it is sadly still unplayable. You’re better off with medium armor and Dark Soul-ing your way out of the hits than using Heavy Armor.

That said, Heavy Armor is the bomb for your Fighter and Archer Thralls because it’ll soak damage while the AI figures out if the underwear goes under the pants or over the head and provides your friendly neighbourhood pack-mule with something to differentiate them from the billions of other Thralls you’re going to be fighting or taking to The Wheel of Beer and Pizza.

I’ve got my Bearer and Fighter Thralls running around in the Hyrankian Heavy Armor with Hardened Steel Shields and whatever Legendaries I’m not using currently, and my Archer Thralls in the same armor with Hardened Steel Bows, and they can pretty much solo of Tier 4 Purge on their own, albeit with a healing arrow or two embedded in their noggins and a few dead Pets to add to the compost bin.

That said, I’ve had fun running around in Heavy Armors with Strength bonuses, and remember that the higher versions of Armor grant more stat and climate bonuses than the basic versions. I had my favourite Thralls wearing my Cold Weather Heavy Sets while we were running around in the desert and we’d swap clothing when we went north into the colder Biomes.

The only real down-side to Heavy Armor is it chews up so much of your Encumbrance. If they’d just drop the weight down a bit so that we could throw some points to Strength or Accuracy instead of having to make the world’s healthiest pack-mule just to wear the stuff and have enough grunt left in us to be halfway useful in a fight, that’d be fantastic.

Maybe re-work the Vitality Feat that enables us to Dodge in heavy armor to instead halve the weight of it while it is being worn? Yes, you’re still only shuffling, but you’re at the very least able to spend some points on actual combat stats!

Tank and spank, I love it.

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