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What is the best type of armor type for pve and pvp? Is there a reason not to use heavy armor for every situation? What are the best sets to make? I tried googling this information, but a lot of it seems outdated. Any help is appreciated.

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To me the question is “How much other stuff am I going to carry?”

PvE often includes looting and harvesting, so I need to be able to carry my loot home, preferably without it becoming a drain to my stamina in case I need to fight again before dumping my loot. That’s why I still prefer light armor - flawless epic light armor with a good Agility provides over 60 % damage reduction, which is already significant. Heavy armor could bump that to 80 - 85 % or something, which is of course a solid improvement, but with my pack rat mentality I feel like I couldn’t carry enough other stuff.

As for PvP - I have zero experience in that, but I’d bet the forums will answer “a horse, because it’s OP”.

Armor depends on where you’re at and what you want to do, so there’s no “one size fits all” like with other games.

North armors are obviously different than hot area armors, and are fixed. You generally use them to get more points out of your “maxxed out” attribute (push 41 points into STR, the armor makes up the last 9, which are very expensive).

Then there’s what build you are running, which is primarily dependent upon what weapon you are using. For example, I run a high-grit Predatory Blade build, so I tend to use grit or agil armors. If you’re using a warhammer, you generally go for max armor and VIT to hit hard and soak the hits the hyperarmor doesn’t take.

Since the meta for PVP sometimes changes weekly, or depending upon whatever the last patch did, I can’t really help you there. Last I heard I think club or 1-handed axe were the ones to go for.

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I will just tell you what i use 90% of my gaming time and why. I use the same armors for either pvp or pve servers. Still i am not the best to tell you what to use when you raid because even if i play in pvp servers there are things that i never done, it is something that i don’t like and i simply don’t do it. It is a survival game, that means you have to farm a lot for a decent home, base you name it. So the full encumbrance perk is the best solution you have for serius farming. Still you need 2 perks at least on vitality, 2 perks on grit and at least 1 perk on agility. Here comes the delimah strength or survival for faster farming? So what you really need is first of all special fish and black blood tools. This will give you some spear points to use them to the rest because no matter you are walking with a spinas or a snow hunter you will have to fight too. So you need everything. I use for armors epic flawless pict heavy and guardian. This armors both give you 9 points to strenth and 2 points of weather resistance so you can travel from the frost areas to the volcano without a problem. I use the one armor for me and i dress my thrall with the other so i can change armors without changing attributes and see changes to my fights. Using this 2 armors your farming days will be very easy. I don’t trust armor pieces to complete my encumbrance stats because sh… Happens and you have to spawn on your bedroll and go to claim you staff back and your thrall ofcurse. So if you are not originally full encumbrance, at the time you will get your things back you will go over encumbered and you won’t be able to go fast somewhere safe to dress back. So if you want to play full encumbrance do not trust armor pieces. If you don’t own dlcs someone in the server will. All you have to dobis make a farming deal and the armors will come to your possession. To repair them without the dlc is again very easy because you can farm at least 15 legendary armor repair kits in the unnamed city in the most 45 min. So this is what i do. If you want to buy the dlc that gives you this armors the one is the savage frontier and the other is Derketo. Good game my friend have fun :wink:.

Go here to see the armor available, its temperature resistance and stats added.

You can go here to plan a build, seeing what effects stats, perks, potions, warpaint and armor have.

Personally, I like my encumbrance to be in the green when I have my entire kit.

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