Heavy armor - any of you wear it?

Dude my PvP just got intense hahaha!

I have to add, lately the heavy armor has meant survival in my last couple battles. Is the armor rating better or something? I hardly take any damage from big hits now

It shouldn’t but it does

What, the backflip? Being able to do that even in heavy armor has been an intended feature since early access:

It’s unreasonably slow, even if we can’t cover the distance the other 2 dodge mechanics do we need to be able to back/sidestep at a more reasonable speed.

Right now you literally jump in slow motion…

It’s more useful in boss fights then pvp. Have the venom infused daggers to stack up bleeding and poison at the same time with living bosses is a great way of burning off health

Speaking of heavy armor and bosses, the wine cellar bosses can almost 2 hit kill me and I have epic armor on heavy. They 1 hit kill my partner who wears light! And my vit is nearly at the 5th perk!

Heavy armor becomes important to me around then lol.

That’s a little ridiculous. I haven’t tried this dungeon yet, but the ability to mistime a dodge is so high being 1-hit by a boss just because you like the ability to dodge is just a bit broken.
should be 2 hits light armor, 3 hits medium, 4 hits heavy to be reasonable, because I have yet to encounter anything that even 2 hits me in light armor.

I wear it only when I have to.

I would like to thank you, for all the Silent Legion sets your people have donated my Thralls over the years. :joy:

All jokes aside, I personally don’t stick to any particular type of armor. It really depends on the build I have, or the game mode I’m playing, or the task I’m doing.

I guess if I had to choose one for the rest of my life; medium. Medium currently feels the most well balanced. In comparison, heavy and light both have limitations.


Heavy armor in general has always just been thrall armor. Before I quit, all the clans that used heavy armor either got wiped or switched armor types because they were getting farmed inside their own bases. The broken claw meta made this even more true.

I’d use heavy armor more if it weren’t for the fact it needs fur to make the lining pieces. I have a nasty habit of restarting my SP games and I never really get to a point where I can gather it at all.

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