Poison and Bleed obsolete Heavy Armor?

Is there system in place to balance this out that I am missing ? Say you have 200 hp and am wearing heavy armor now heavy armor mitigate regular physical damage but it doesn’t seem to ever slow down applications of poison and bleed.

So to sum up : Am I wrong ? Does armor mitigate DoTs or not? I can’t seem to find any information about that specifically. If I am not wrong you give up tons of mobility and even seem to run slower, but armor inherently does nothing to boost your hp and poison and bleed go straight to your hp.

Nope, bleed and poison ignore armor as a whole.
And I don’think running slower is normal, I did not notice any speed difference.

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That is weird then , how did the blade or spike get through the armor in the first place (ie. Heavy Armor) ? I guess logic =/= games.

“Get over it maybe”? Are you trying to troll me? Explain to me how you can apply something without touching what you are trying to apply it too ???

Seriously bud if this sort of arrogant comment and whining about nerfs is all you’re going to do in these forums than you need to both harden up and grow up. Ppl can request whatever they want they are neither seeking your approval nor I’m guessing value it in any way shape or form.


Thank you . Honestly it would if the developers wanted a logical way to counter heavy armor just make maces and other clubs to more to you if you are wearing armor . Or if they would add it a shield slam would concuss you especially if it was too the face.

Take a close look at the heavy armour set visually, you’ll notice weak points. Now, imagine a weapon getting past your defences and hitting those weak points.


I understand that there are weak points but you would not hit them every time so at the very least the application of bleed and poison should apply less often depending on the level of your armor.

Funny how what does jot suits u u want it to be changed… To answer to the one that replied to me , yes i will oppose to any nerf thread directly , as we all r free to say whatever the heck we like … Maybe another solution should be on , like a dogje possibillity to avoid attacks depending on the armour and its type /state would be welcome… But a nerf is not… Aint that fair to all since all that carry bleed / poison weapons have the same effect on anyone? So yeah get over it plz and stop whinning over everything in this game…

They aint having my approval in ANY NERF … So seeking it or not when posting here be prepared to face the opposing side as well…
Yeah i am sick n tired of nerf after nerf after nerf… Deal with it, whether u like it or not…

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So lets go… NERF post #1 AFTER pvpers said that no more nerfs… Wanna see how it goes from here on… Gj OP u whined about ONE MORE THING…

So if Funcom added something to the game that didn’t make since to you broke a part no matter how tiny of your emersion of this game that up to that point you enjoyed then they changed no matter if it made logical sense to correct it in the game you would be angry? Where is your adapt speech then ?

Lets go again … This thing funcom added (bleed/poison) is there since early access… and now a PVPer remembered toask a nerf…

Fak NO… Go read the topic with bows . The solution @reaperofchess is suggesting is way better if bleed/poison bothers u…

Go read there plz… u will find the answer in the question u asked, directly written from me , cause what u try to achieve aint nothing prototype and the way u try to counter what i say (by asking a question that suits u) aint that prototype either … No more nerfs plz

My immersion has been broken noumerous times from PVP ers asking for nerfs 50 times minimum per patch…

Would suggest directly to devs to create a new category named what to nerf next, so u all get ur posts in one spot for easier reading …

This is already here. It is called “Feedback” it is in green and if you look you notice it at the top of this post.

Mah feedback and nerf is two different things…maybe this is what u get wrong in pvp…

Some of the heavy armour sets have a lot of exposed flesh, Frost Giant set, Primitive set, Pictish Warchief for example. Both bleed and poison are also DoT, tthe longer the fight, the worse those effects will be until treated. Bleed DoT could be from internal bleeding after the initial strike, poison DoT could be from entering your bloodstream. DoT gets higher? Your character’s adrenaline is wearing off.

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Just ignore the bloke. If there’s a thread asking for balance changes or tweaks he will be there bleating like a lost sheep.


I just cannot put up with shortsighted ones…

So if light armor you more susceptible to cripple to your legs because they are more uncovered. Medium and Light are more susceptible to concussion (knock down). I mean that would be fair as light and medium can sprint more and longer around you DoTing you and recovering quicker from dodging. Oh, yeah forgot, if the battle goes badly it is easier to run away from the battle.

Heavy gets to just stand and fight or try to run and die tired because can completely mitigate your armor advantage by not one but two debuffs that can stack! K.