Feroxic daggers

Funcom please look into feroxic daggers. They deal 2 poison and to much damage for every light attack. You buffed a lot of weapons and made some good changes but literally everyone side feroxic daggers in pvp. It ruins the game when no one uses anything else.


They ruin the bleed effect, but poison still a bit broken

True but no one uses them for the bleed anyways. It’s basically lock on and spam light attack

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Well I am one of those that min-max my armor to my stats but I will say there is a huge difference between seeing a dafari feather mask with a plate mail armor chest and fluffy fur boots than what I put on. I look at aesthetics and then once i figure out what combo of armor looks good, then build my attributes around that. I will say that daggers have always been pretty OP if it has an environmental effect additional on it because of the bleed and fast attack TAT.

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I was in croms arena, a server with people to fight, nobody can kill a very good player, we was fighting for more than hour, when i hit with daggers, just R1, he dropped at 1 round he said “OMFG That is an easy OP weapon” another case in a pvp server a guy only go with daggers and kill all, only marking people and spam R1 you can evade easy, but if it reaches you and there is some lag you die

Ok, we have reach the point of no return.
We are miles a way from the topic so I close this thread