Fix feroxic daggers! They ruin gameplay

Fix feroxic daggers they are ruining your game. You may as well take every weapon out except feroxic daggers and lances because that’s what it has come to


Just like the Incarmine and Grey Ones weapons were ruining the game before the bleed nerf?

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It’s always daggers with funcom, man they got someone who loves their daggers on the dev team, like waaaay to much, every vault has a dagger set, yet lacks multiple other weapons to the point it’s angering.

like why the hell do daggers get all these effects and are in every vault set, stop catering to daggers and put them on the shelf for a while, no new daggers for a while would be awesome imo


They need to nerf the damage and armor pen on them. A dagger shouldn’t do the same amount of damage as a sword and daggers shouldn’t be penetration weapons at all. I would say 20 damage max and 5 armor pen. Punch daggers would be 5 damage and 20 armor pen.

So like every weapon nerf there is a “new meta” and a new cry for a weapon nerf. rolls eyes


Given the changes to bleed I wouldn’t be surprised if poison got changed at some point, unless the change to bleed was because it and poison were too similar.

At any rate I’d like to see the immunity to poison that comes from SUR available for fewer points. It could help make SUR a relevant stat again, it keeps PVPers from having to farm endless Set Antidotes and let’s poison continue to be a relevant PVE tool for HP sponge enemies.

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The point is the feroxic daggers do 2 poison for every hit

That would be very bad.
I’ve gotta try that when I get home.

Are you on a PvP server?
I’ll run a test in Single Player and on a PVE-C private server to see if this is across multiple venues.

While I personally am not in favour of nerfs and did not like the recent Grey One/Incarmine nerf, if something is applying two stacks per hit that does seem excessive even to me.

I just wanted to say that i hate daggers in this game, i don’t know who had the idea to make them stack bleed, have hyperarmor having armor penetration and on top of that having them stack poison.

They make me cringe.

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No opinion on the matter, but let us see another nerf this post…

Unable to learn where the nerf this, nerf that leads… yet u seek balance…

Sounds funny…

Ps these were my 50 cents… Out of this no point thread. Have fun all

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So lets see IF they learn what this nerf will fix…
It will only point out the next op thing making another weapon useless…

So they have not learned how to seek good for the game they play… They only seek the fast solution that leads to an endless circle of nerf…


How fix the daggers?
1 poison instead 2 per hit

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Whilst I don’t like nerfs as a general rule the fact is that these daggers are very unbalanced. All other feroxic weapons only stack 1 per hit. Daggers stack 2 and are way faster than all other weapons which already doubles their potential to stack effects and are coupled with a reach close to a spear with the lunge type attacks. These issues are why the two main game types should be running slightly different versions of the game., that way pvp can ask for nerfs/buffs to try and balance things out without leaving the pve version annoyed at having taken another hit to their game.

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Lmao the feroxic or poisoned daggers reside his power in the poison not the dmg, (have lot of dmg anyway) but you can use a 2h hammer to counter, or a 1h sword, 2h sword or a 1h axe to stop the hits

The x2 poison hit is the unbalanced

The daggers have good dmg, like the 1h mace, have much dmg and penetration but not broken, i can use it and kill in a moment if i know how
Dont reduce the daggers dmg, only poison stacks, thats all


All what you say is not true
Yog touche still have same dmg, black ice sword still broken
At your point, funcom nerf some weapons like all tomahawks or some arrows
Endless weapon nerf, meh, i dont think so

While I certainly do not want to see poison trait weapons (Feroxic, Voidforged Gladius, and what two other legendaries?) nerfed the way bleed weapons (Incarmine and Grey Ones) were, I do think two stacks per hit from the daggers is excessive.

1 hit, 1 stack doesn’t seem like an unreasonable ask to me.


Why is 2 poison per hit a problem now? It’s been like this forever now all of a sudden it’s a big problem. :face_with_monocle:

Venom infused stack 2 per hit and have since the beginning.

Feroxic doesn’t need nerfed as the sigils counter the poison effect anyway.


Not sudden, always been in op, but never changed

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Venom-infused weapons had always less dmg (wich still daggers used anyway) this feroxic daggers have same dmg as any best daggers ingame
Like i said, a easy, fast, nice range, agility, good dmg, low stamina cost and 2 poison hit
Weapons need a counter, daggers maybe the shield but is the poison what have lot of dmg in short space time like other venom infused weapon have 1 per hit, why daggers do 2??
I never liked daggers, but this fix will be best way in my opinion

Really don’t understand why people call for nerfs. “Daggers are over powered” oh wait they just so happen to be what works so essentially we want them not to work like other things don’t. Why not call for everything else to work better to counter what is actually working.

Maybe I’m nuts but I would rather them focus on improving areas of the game that people feel aren’t worth their time.