Bleed in general (Mostly daggers)

Well,daggers have been from what i tested,pretty overpowered at the beggining of the game,next to the main river,like,with 0 str,lvl10,stone dagger i can just one combo a crocodile etc.But later of the game,when we get to pvp,or north etc,lvl 60 i can stack 10 bleeds and barely see the damage ticking.Bleed damage should scale with your damage,not be a flat number.It feels bad to use dagger as a main weapon to pvp at lvl60 vs a heavy armor,almost dont do damage on him compared to combo with another weapon . Thats what im feeling about it.


I agree…however it sort of makes sense that a dagger wouldn’t hurt somebody wearing armor. The bleed damage is amazingly fun though so i hope they tweak it. There are a few other things as well in this same vein that could be fixed. Spears/polearms bonus is just “range” at the moment which seems insaely silly. They should have a massive amount of armor penetration as that is what they are traditionally used for…to penetrate thick armor.


First of all, i totaly agree with the idea of bleed not having a fixed amount of damage for all levels. However the effect “bleed” derives from the spider poison effect which results in exactly this.

Also i have reported this as a warning on the testlive patch note thread as they want bugs reported over there. ( and currenlty i see this as a bug, cause the amount of damage it deals on early levels is INSANE! )

Other than that i like to add the following.

In this game, IF you are playing purely to win the pvp fight, THEN you should not limit yourself to be dedicated to a certain weapon (type). Most often you would carry at least 2 or 3 weapons.
Some weapons will counter other weapons, and knowing exactly that is what is giving you the advantage.
And then to come back to the daggers with their “bleeding”,… you will probably require the daggers to deal some bleed stacks (which also amplify damage dealt if you have a certain perk) before switching weapons and use something that has a little more area to cover. The bleeding will then prevent some of the healing they can aply.

Personally, as this is the suggestions and feedback part of the of the forum, i would nerf down bleed early game, and make it a bit stronger later on in the game. Bleed should be able to be “healed”(stopped) with a bandage. And potions should be less effective if consumed while under attack.

At first it may seem silly that you can stop a bleed effect instandly with a bandage, but i should add the following to that aswell.
We currently have 2 types (levels) of bandages.
For level 1 bandages it could remove 3 stacks of bleed. And for level 2 bandages it could remove 7 stacks. These bandages cost enough materials (and take up a slot of the hotbar) so their use (which currently is out of combat) could add more to fights and make their cost be worth it while not overpowered.


I agree with every single word you said,just adding,i think that dagger dmg + bleed dmg should be higher than most of other weapons in the long run,because that should be the ideia of bleed or dagger,consistent damage scaling by the time that u were able to maintain that bleed effect,today im not rewarded at all for high lvl content.

You cannot use bandages during combat…

And even if FC let it be possible in the near or distant future, I hope it comes with an animation so it can’t be spammed while attacking at the same time.

yes you can to stop bleeding at least the white one

I may be asking a dumb question, but werent polearms exactly about range and hammers/maces about penetration?
That said, this armor-reduce-debuff seems to not apply on each hit, does it? Is it on each “heavy” hit or what would that be? I have never played with maces or hammers as I dont really like them. (Or rather I only used them if I had lower weapons and found those at some thrall.)
And even more important, how strong is said debuff?

Bleed and poison needs a MAJOR buff. Would like to see poison reduce healing effectiveness as well.


I was going to make a thread about this… I haven’t played higher levels but at the moment they feel very overpowered, they stack bleed very quickly… Is good to know they aren’t that powerful later, yet what op says would be very nice.