Daggers and Bleeding from NPCs?

Game mode: Online
Problem: I can take hits from named thrall and survive by tactical fighting for a while, but hit with by a T1 performer thrall with daggers and bleed to death in 5 seconds.

I have noticed this around the entire map. not just in a particular area.

Please look into the daggers and bleeding, they seem OP to me.

So just make them useless? They already have the shortest range.

Exactly you nurf them they are then useless. As said above they have shortest reach so you take away the damage they will be useless.

I recommend just not getting hit.

Here’s a short video of me flopping about, knocking out a couple dancers.

Bleed seems to be affected by armor. So upgrade your gear and you should be able to survive as long as it doesn’t stack very high. Also, you can survive with bandages. They remove bleed.

And choose your weapon wisely. Each type of weapon has an advantage. With a spear, no dagger user can get close enough to hit you. Many others are just as viable.

Ok old topic but trying to knockout entertainer and had 6 tries with consecutive bleed effects of 20, 16, 12, 14, 20, 14 all of which killed me while my shield was up and she only hit me maybe 4 times per fight. If you think that is not OP I don’t know what is. I was playing barbaric and dropped it to normal values and this was the result. I can kill em but can’t tame em.

If you think they are op on npcs, imagine on pvp bleed stacking from player.
Bleed is the new poison, before it was spiders stacking poison, now dancers stack bleeding.
it must be toned down a little I agree.

Just don’t get hit. I have a video above demonstrating one method of knocking out dancers without being struck.

Set Antidotes and the Violet Cureall potions both instantly remove bleed effects. Use those if you can’t avoid getting hit.

Put on heavy armor, it mitigates bleed. Instead of 10-20 damage a tick, your will take 2-4.

Ha! Remember when the spiders all spit the crippling poison that stacked? Deeeem that was fun!

Evade/dodge.While taming it even the heavy armor side step is enough. They are only an issue when lags out in a not favorable way that they give you some unannounced hits and stacks or you just slacking trying to stand strong. As foes they have no armor and dies pretty easy.