Daggers & Bleeding Stacks


Daggers seem super OP because of the bleeding stacks. Food doesn’t work, Healing Potions don’t work to stop this effect either. Do bandages work? Other than not being able to bandage during combat, OR be able to move while the Bandage regenerates you, I hope so. Bleeding is way over powered imho. How do I stop the Bleeding spurt spurt?


I think bandages work to remove bleed. It kinda kills combat though because you have to put away weapons just to stop the bleeding. I recommend wearing light or medium gear to roll out of combat if someone starts to bleed you. If you really want to deny someone just use a shield; though I hate how shields work right now, but they are effective.

Set Antidote removes bleeding as well (just tested it)

yeah timing attacks against a dagger wielder is tricky.

Cool I am heading to the Set trainer then :slight_smile:

That is some fantastic info right there. Thanks for testing that. Won’t have to fear performers as much when looking for thralls now :wink:

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