Bandages and Bleeding

As we all know, the recent combat update sees consumables as an Exile’s primary source of healing. These include various foods, potions, and the new bandages. Food and potions can be used in combat, while bandages require the Exile to be stationary and out of combat. This was a great system: aloe potions for combat heals and bandage when it’s over.

But now, what happened!?

Prior to launch, healing effects from food and potions would persist through damage taken; now, any damage recieved will cancel all healing, including damage from status effects. What happens when you get stun-locked by a mace-wielder and barraged with 16 stacks of bleed by two dagger wielding assassins? Even if you defeat your enemies, well you just have to bleed out, because even bandages stop healing as soon as bleed damage hits again.

Basically, bandages should be able to remove bleed effects because that’s what they’re for IRL.


Very true. Bandges/wraps are to help bones heal and stop any bleeding. So ingame they should remove bleed and cripple effects.

I totally like the idea. And I think that bandages can maybe heal a bit better. Now bandages are among the worst healing, whereas they’re hard to make, and are only usable if we don’t move…

I agree, they should stop bleeding.

They do.

There was a healing rebalance patch a week or two before this thread was created. That patch made it so bandages are ‘not’ canceled upon taking damage but are instead canceled upon movement. They cure all bleed and cripple effects after 5 seconds.

Bandages still kinda suck, but they can save you from bleeding out if used correctly.

The Set antidote potions remove the bleed stacks. Probably the violet cureall potions as well but I haven’t tried them as of yet.

Yes, they do as well.