Cureall does not cure Bleeding

Game mode: [Tested in Online private | Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]

The Cureall Potion does not cure Bleeding.

  1. Get bleeds on yourself
  2. Try to use a Cureall potion to remove the bleeding
  3. Bleeding is not removed.

Can someone confirm that on officials please?

Ps: If i am not wrong, right now, only the wraps can dispel bleeding.



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It’s intended that Violet Cureall potion (as Set Antidote) no longer removes Bleeding, and it’s honestly a good thing. A potion can cure blood toxicity (like poisons or alcohol), but even if CE is a magical world I like the idea that a potion does not close wounds.

You like the idea that a potion can’t close a wound but can heal you completly (10 to 100% in a matter of seconds) if you dont bleed or use a wraps right before ^^
Well anyway I am not here to discuss these points of view as the discussion will never end.

So it is intended? Are we sure of that (Would be great if a moderator can confirm this)? Did not read anything in the patchs, when was the change made (out of curiosity)?

Is there a difference now between the violet cureall and the set antidote in term of effectiveness? (Their costs are not the same and violet cureall makes you Tipsy)

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Guess the “cureall” doesn’t cure all lol
Maybe should be rename to antidote 2.0 or something idk maybe

I do not remember but it was less than a year ago. Besides, bandages did not cure bleeding before. So I guess they’ve removed the bleeding cure from potions since bandages do that, and it’s more logical! Regarding the difference between Violet potion and Set antidote I don’t know unfortunately :frowning:. Technically they do the same.

Btw a health bar is basically your ability to endure damage. When the bar goes down it means that the character has been weakened by the fighting to keep fighting. It’s like an endurance of health. In real life there are piles of military drugs and substances banned from the public that allow a revival of vitality, energy, concentration, to endure more without having to rest or eat. So no, I’m definitely not shocked that a potion can restore the strength needed to continue the fight as long as no injury continues to weaken the body, such as bleeding. And that’s where the bandage comes in…

If I kept going your way, all sharp weapons should make you bleed when you’re hit; If it was the ability to endure damage, when my health goes down, i should also not be able to fight with the same dexterity like when I’m full health; moreover when we reach 0% I shouldn’t die instantly then ^^ (few examples i just thought of)
Basically, what you said is an interpretation :slight_smile: And I don’t say that you are wrong, but interpretations are by definition plurals and subjectives! (Thanks for sharing your vision btw)

Let’s wait the answer of a moderator! :grin:

Ahhahahaha! Now it is NOT a “cureall” but just a Violet Curative . Never noticed it. It seems to me that it was made just to have another way to cure poison, without Seth religion. One would need it if playing with some “one-religion-only” mod.

I totally understand what you mean and I agree for the most part, all I want to say is that this change on potions is a good thing because it pushes a little more realism without make the game less interesting or fun to play :slight_smile:

It’s not because a game has to be realistic that it must be at the expense of gameplay, and conversely it is not because we want a game to be fun that it must put aside any coherence or realism. I’m not teaching you anything by saying that, it’s just to lay the groundwork for my argument. In this concrete example, now using bandages for bleeding and potions to heal other types of damage is more realistic without affecting gameplay. Pushing logic further, as you rightly put it, would be at the expense of gameplay. That’s why I say it’s good because it’s more realistic, but that does not mean that I want absolute realism throughout the game. As I said it’s a balance! So when you say “If I kept going your way” I understand what you mean but my way has limits precisly for the sake of balance!

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No, they’ve reworked bandages some time ago. Now they remove bleed instantly, even amidst battle. They said bandages should heal too, but there is some bug with healing. They just stop bleeding.

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